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Rose is known for her roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time", "Maddigan's Quest" and "Power Rangers R.P.M", and can currently be seen in the CW television show "iZombie" as the lead character Olivia 'Liv' Moore.

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Sara   /   Aug 13,2015   /   1 Comment

Hello Rose fans! Since news are very slow again (Rose is busy filming season two of our favorite show ), we’ve put together a new special post for you. This one isn’t exactly 10 REASONS TO, but it’s a 10 -something 😉

1: Her #ALSicebucketchallenge video.

Around this time last year, people all around the world participated in the #ALSicebucketchallenge – and despite us being slightly biased (ehem … possibly very biased), hers stood out as one of the absolute cutest of them all! Who can forget her adorable “that seemed like a lot” at the end … ? To be fair, of all the Ice Bucket challenge videos we have seen, Rose was showered with the biggest amount of water by far! (click the thumbnails to open her video in a new window).

2: Her one-day romance with Robert Buckley (dressed as a pirate)
They’re one of our favorite couples on our favorite show (we guess you can all tell which?), but in real life Rose and Robert are only very close friends. They like to shower us with moment so adorable that all Major and Liv shippers go full on “AAGSKLHDJKHGJDKHF” though, and one of those times was when Rose posted a photo on instagram of the twosome dressed up, titled “Romance with @robertearlbuckley”. Swoon …
Check out Rose and Robert’s adorable photo by clicking the preview below!


3: Her roadtripping … in real style.
Roadtripping seems to be one of Rose’s many favorite activities, and she loves to instagram it! One time which deserves a special mention is her recent trip with Dan Etheridge, dressed up in funny looking sunglasses. That smile of hers can turn any frown upside down for sure! Click here to open the photo in a new window.

4: Childhood photos … A lot of childhood photos.
Albeit we once again might be a tiny bit biased, we think Rose was the most adorable kid ever! She has posted a lot of photos of herself from her early years on her account, and for number four on our list we simply could not pick just ONE photo. Check out some of our favorites below – and click the thumbnails to be directed to even more!

5: Various photos in weird, awkward poses.
If there’s one thing we really love about our girl, it’s that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She’s remained down to earth throughout her years in the spotlight, and she doesn’t seem to mind too much what other people think of her; and we LOVE it. More than once she has posted ridiculous photos of herself on instagram, and for this section we had to go with 3 which we absolutely love: her ET pose, doing some voice work and … something we’re not sure what to call.


6: Rose as MacGyver… Because who doesn’t want to see that?
22 weeks ago, Rose posted a manip of herself as MacGyver, titled “some friends know you better than you know yourself, right @chadackerman ?”. We’re not sure what she mean, as we’re guessing this is some inside joke – but we sure do love the idea. Click here to view the photo.

7: Our favorite on-screen friendship – too adorable for words
Rose as the zombie Liv is adorable enough by herself; and with her BFF (well … at least we hope the last “F” in BFF will prove to be true this coming season … *sniff sniff*) Peyton, it gets even more adorable! During the filming of the first season, Rose posted this ridiculously cute picture of her and Aly, and we love it beyond words.


(This photo of the twosome laughing so hard the photo got all blurry is also worth a special mention)

8: Rosie and the … *insert cool band name here*
We all want Rose to start a musical career, as she’s proved more than once that she has an absolutely amazing voice. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like it’ll happen any time soon, but we do love the idea of this band! 😉 33 weeks ago she posted a fun photo of her and two mates, saying “Still working on our band pose. And missing @elvyalreadyexists .”


9: It’s raining men …
For our 9th mention, Rose isn’t actually included in the photo herself … But the photo was just simply too adorable not to add to our list! During filming of season one of iZombie, Rose published a photo of our four main guys, all holding flowers for Rose. *SWOON*. She’s surrounded by some very handsome men, isn’t she ? Caption: Turns out it’s rude NOT to get me flowers. Thanks my big bruvs. Love you guys @robertearlbuckley, @rahulkohli13, Anders and Mackie. You are so kind. X


And speaking of posts she’s not actually pictured in herself, we also want to mention this ADORABLE photo of her niece and nephew welcoming “auntie Rosie” back home to New Zealand, titled “I’m too lucky”. OUR HEARTS, OUR HEARTS.

10: Rosie and Mackie have been badly influenced by their new star staus
We’ll end this list the way we started it; with a video! This one made us spit out our drinks because we laughed so hard – HOW ADORABLE are this cast ??? We’ll let this video speak for itself – click this link to be directed to the video, filmed by Rahul. Caption: Second season vibes #iZombie

So that’s it for our list this time! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Any memorable Rose-instagram moments you feel we’ve missed? Comment on in the comment fields below!

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