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Rose is known for her roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time", "Maddigan's Quest" and "Power Rangers R.P.M", and can currently be seen in the CW television show "iZombie" as the lead character Olivia 'Liv' Moore.

We aim to bring you all the latest news and images relating to Rose's acting career, and strive to remain 100% gossip-and-paparazzi-free. - Staff
Sara   /   Apr 26,2018   /   0 Comments

Hello Roses! It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and worked on our pages, so I decided to go over them today and check where I could make some updates. I’ve done minor adjustments to several pages, including completing our Roam with Rose page, updating our trivia and quotes pages and fixing the music videos page. But I’ve also created 3 new pages: I’ve (finally) created a page for Broods’ Heartlines music video, which Rose starred in back in 2016. After that I began on an Accessories page over at our style section, which has been requested several times over the years (this is still a work in progress – 2015 to 2017 accessories will be up soon). This is the first of many upcoming style page updates!

As for today’s biggest update, I’ve created a new page called Magazines, where you can read about Rose’s magazine spreads. To make it as complete as possible, I’ve also typed up several interviews and articles which I have added to our press archive in full. While none of these interviews were written by me originally (source is always included on the page), it has taken me a long time to type up all of them for you from old and hardly readable magazine scans and videos. Therefore, please do not just copy them and re-post somewhere else. There’s a lot of great new-old interviews in there which I loved re-reading – I especially love the Remix Magazine one from 2010! I will work on adding 2017 and 2018 articles and interviews up next.

I hope you enjoy these kinds of updates, and feel free to come with requests if there’s something in particular you would like me to work on next. While our site is pretty complete content wise at this point, it’s always possible to improve – and I want to give you all the best possible Rose resource!

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