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Sara   /   Jan 15,2018   /   0 Comments

Hello fellow Brainies! Today is the first of 6 remaining Mondays before the season 4 premiere of our favorite show, and we’ll count down with iZombie specials on each of the 6 Mondays! We’ll try to make the wait seem shorter, by looking back at our favorite moments, brains, characters and more. Each post will be different, but they all have in common that they will honor the best Rom-Com-Zom-Dram on television!

For our first post, we’re gonna look back at out 10 favorite brains from season 1, 2 and 3. These are ranked by order of episode, but you can help us rank them by best to worst in the poll at the bottom of the post. There’s been so many great brains over the three seasons, so this was a very hard pick – but these 10 stands out as the most memorable, wittiest and most creative! Make sure to leave a comment in the comments section below, letting us know if you agree or disagree with our list. Is there a certain brain you feel we should have included? Let us know.

To make this post a little diverse, we’ll present some of the brains as videos we have created with our favorite scenes, some with GIFs and some with quotes and information. Thank you so much to one of our favorite iZombie tumblrs, iZombie source, for all the GIFs used in this post. Make sure to follow them if you have an account at the site! Now, let’s get to it shall we?

Crazy Brain (Scott E.) – 1×11

Throughout this list, you’ll probably pick up on that a lot of the brains we’ve chosen are due to the comedy they provide. That said, the reason we have decided to include this first one is not due to the comedy it provides (at least not solely – but we all sure laughed out loud when Liv was shouting at the devil inside the vending machine!). In the episode, Liv eats the brain of Scott E., a former drug dealer with a troubled childhood who previously worked for Stacey Boss. Scott E. was the identical twin brother of Don E., who we met later on in the show (and who is still one of our favorite characters). He was present at the Lake Washington Boat Party, and witnessing the humans turn into zombies mixed with his already unstable mental history (which included hearing voices) pushed him over the edge. He went crazy, and was admitted to the Blooming Grove Mental Hospital. There he started an affair with one of his doctors, Dr. Maddy Larson, who became pregnant with his child after endless tries with her own husband. Scott E. tried to convince her to take an abortion, but Dr. Larson refused and killed him. Once Liv ate his brain, she started hearing voices and seeing a red devil which followed her around. Unlike all the previous brains, it became clear that she would not be getting the regular old flashbacks with people’s memories, but rather learn about Scott E.’s past through these visions. The reason for its inclusion on our list is the very clever writing, which really makes this brain stand out from all the others. Liv and Clive are usually lead to the murderers by following the leads Liv’s flashbacks give them, but we love the idea that getting these hints from the victims aren’t always reliable.

We also have to mention the heartbreaking scene where Liv realize her confession about being a zombie to Major (which he took very well) was all in her head, caused by Scott E.’s condition. Once she meets Major again, she’s unable to confess anything before he tells her that he knows zombies are real, and that he’s going to kill them all. We were brought through all the emotions and visions together with Liv, not knowing what was real and what wasn’t – other than the obvious devil appearances. When Liv realized Johnny Frost was just a vision, we were just as confused as her. The writing in this episode was so good, it really stands out as one of the most creative episodes of the series!

Stoner Brain – 1×12

Episode twelve of the first season – titled Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat – gave us multiple different brains in one episode, for the first time on the show. The episode start with four teenagers hitting a guy with their car, completely freaking out once they realize they most likely killed him. Cheerleader Kimber immediately suggests they have to “do chest compressions to the beat of ‘All for the Best’ From Godspell”, while the others went for the “let’s bury him and never tell anyone” approach. As they discuss, the guy they hit – who turns out to be Sebastian, the Max Rager employee who Liv tried to kill a few days before – gets up and snaps Kimber’s neck. And while we have to give a special mention to Liv on cheerleader brain, as we loved how it finally got her closer to Peyton again, it’s not the one making our list this time around (but stay tuned for more of it in one of our next posts!). Nate, one of the other teenagers in the car, later turns up dead as well, and Liv immediately morphs from a peppy cheerleader to a cannabis infused lollipop licking stoner. Rose truly showed how brilliant she is at doing comedy with this one, and it’s stuck in our heads as one of the funniest brains since the start of the show!

Snarky Teen Brain – 1×13

In the season finale of the first season, titled “Blaine’s World”, Liv and Ravi receives the body of Theresa, on of the teenagers who hit Sebastian with their car in the previous episode. Liv tells Ravi that she already met Theresa, and that she was a “snarky little bitch”. But to help Clive catch who killed her, she consumes her brain. In what otherwise was a very dark season finale, Liv on snarky teen brain gave the episode some comedy in-between all the angst and drama.

Grumpy Old Man Brain – 2×01

The second season kicked off as darkly as the first season ended with an episode titled Grumpy Old Liv, as Liv had been disowned by her family after refusing to give her brother the blood transfusion he needed. She knew she was unable to do so without being exposed as a zombie, but unable to tell her mother the truth, she had to let her assume she was using drugs. With Major still being mad at Liv for turning him into a zombie, and Peyton still being away dealing with the realization her best friend is no longer a human, Liv found herself alone. Mixed with a very sad murder case that turned out to be unintentional, it could have been a very dark first episode – but it was light up by a brain that gave us plenty of comedy! Liv ate the brain of a cantankerous old man named Wendell, and immediately started acting like a grumpy old man herself. Liv telling Clive “Oh, brush the sand out of your crack and relax. I’m just busting your chops, flatfoot.” cave us a clear idea of the Liv we would get for the episode: a grumpy, negative and passive aggressive one (who later also showed clear racist tendencies).

Liv: “T-shirts are passé”? I don’t get it. You’re wearing a T-shirt.
Byron: It’s meant to be ironic. It’s a joke.
Liv: Good one. Your T-shirt’s stupid. That’s meant to be literal.

Frat Boy Brain – 2×02

No matter who we ask about their favorite brains on the show, every single one have mentioned the Frat Boy one as one of their tops. And we couldn’t agree more! In the second episode of season two, Zombie Bro, Liv and Clive investigate the murder of a hard-partying frat boy whose death shocks everyone. Liv consumes the brain in hope to help with the case, but is immediately overwhelmed with the party-loving persona of the victim, Chad Wolcoff. Clive being 2000% done and Liv constantly losing focus made this episode hilarious!

Housewife Brain – 2×03

Season 2 really kicked off strongly, with all the three first episodes making our list! In episode 2×03, Real Dead Housewife of Seattle, Liv takes on a complete different personality from the frat boy one in the previous episode. Dressed in stylish outfits, overreacting to everything and voicing the word “literally” (wrongly) at least once per sentence, Liv becomes the stereotypical housewife, and it works thanks to Rose’s amazing acting. We get to watch Liv scream in Vaughn Du Clark’s face, slap Major and take down a suspect while wearing high heels – of course it has to make our list!

Magician Brain – 2×07

In the seventh episode of season 2 (Abra Cadaver), Liv consumes the brains of a death-obsessed illusionist who was murdered in cold blood during a magicians’ convention in Seattle. Several websites have this brain (and episode) included in their lists of the best, and it’s often ranked among the very highest. IGN writes “iZombie deals with plenty of serious material, but the humor is always present. And sometimes, well, sometimes it’s king. ‘Abra Cadaver’ was packed with laughs across the board thanks to witty dialogue and perfectly timed performances and delivery — especially from Rose McIver and David Anders.”, while i09 states that “The great denouement of the investigation is Liv, channeling the showmanship of her brain of the week, to explain the crime, complete with a reveal of a witness under a sheet. What’s so hilarious is that Liv’s magician showmanship is right out of the Agatha Christie playbook—put her in a drawing room in period clothing, and the whole thing works just like a Poirot ending.” *Edit: I have temporarily replaced our video with one from YouTube, as ours had some sound problems. We’ll re-add it to our Youtube ASAP.*

Erotic Writer Brain – 2×11

In the 11th episode of season two (Fifty Shades of Grey Matter), things become interesting for Liv when she and Clive investigate the murder of Grace LeGare, a young librarian who also secretly was an erotic fiction writer. She becomes unable to control herself around anyone, flirting and touching everyone that are near her – even Ravi and Clive. With Rose absolutely nailing the mix of sexy and comedic, this one is easily one of the brains we remember the most.

Ravi: Tell me librarian brain has filled you with an urge to create order out of chaos. Our medical files are a mess.
Liv: I’ve been a bad morgue attendant. I’ll understand if there are punitive measures.
Ravi: Liv, did you eat a librarian from a porno?
Liv: I am so sorry. She wrote erotica and I can barely keep it in my pants.
Ravi: Then you think about something sacred, like your mum. Or something gross, like Margaret Thatcher.

Liv [About Drake]: He’s got these thick biceps that stretch the cottony limits of his T-shirt.
Peyton: Hmm.
Liv: He’s got a scar on his face that speaks of sin. This is a man who knows when to take a woman by the back of her neck and…
Peyton: Oh!
Liv: Sorry. I’m on horny-librarian-slash-erotica-novelist brain.

Father/daughter Brains – 3×02

Next up is 3×02, Zombie Knows Best! This one makes our list because of the hilarious interaction between Liv and Major. Liv’s brain alone isn’t all that interesting, but matched with a hilarious Major on teenage girl brain it’s comedy gold. Having eaten the brains of a father and daughter, Liv and Major take on the personalities of a supportive father (Liv) and an obnoxious teenager daughter (Major). While Rose is amazing always, Robert Buckley really stole this episode! As Fangirlish expresses it: “It’s an iZombie fact that every brain drastically changes how our characters act and handle situations. This brain took serious situations like finding Natalie, solving a murder, and his new job as a mercenary, and made them funny. The severity of the situations are still there but it doesn’t feel melodramatic or like Major’s about to go and sit in a corner and brood about it. (The CW really knows how to make it’s heroes brood.) Instead his brain will sass at Liv and yell, “Don’t even!” while going over the details in head about what he’s going to do next. Every time Major popped up I couldn’t help but think about how much fun the actor must’ve had on set that day and how hard it must be not to burst out laughing when Major acted childish, rolled his eyes, or bopped around to some teenage music about love.” Below you can check out the best scenes in our own video.

Dominatrix Brain – 3×05

In the fifth episode of season three, Liv consumes the brain of a dominatrix with the hope of helping Clive solve her murder. She starts acting bossy and controlling, making everyone around her a little uncomfortable – except for the sketch artist Jimmy, who seems to get really into this new version of Liv! This one is one of our favorites because of how different it is from Liv herself, and we love watching her make all the men around her speechless. Rose is also rocking those sexy outfits!

That’s it for our Top 10 brains countdown! Vote for your favorite ones in the poll below, and help us decide which of the brains is the best of them all. If you feel we excluded some that would have been worth a mention, let us know in the comments below!

Which brain was your favorite? (If we didn't include yours, make sure to post it in the comments below!)

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