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Rose is known for her roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time", "Maddigan's Quest" and "Power Rangers R.P.M", and can currently be seen in the CW television show "iZombie" as the lead character Olivia 'Liv' Moore.

We aim to bring you all the latest news and images relating to Rose's acting career, and strive to remain 100% gossip-and-paparazzi-free. - Sara, Neide & Emily
Sara   /   Apr 17,2016   /   0 Comments

Hello Rose fans! Yesterday and today were mostly spent just working on random parts of our website, so here’s a little catch up post on what we’ve been doing. We have began working on the filmography section of our site, with “Brightest Star” and “Blinder” being the first two pages added. Here you’ll find information and trivia on the projects, links to related media and press stuff and more. We’ll continue to work on the pages the next coming weeks, hopefully completing one or two films per day. Tomorrow I’ll also continue working on our iZombie page.

As we wrote on our twitter page a few days back, we’ve moved our video archive back to our main page. You can now access it here (it also has a new look, which we think is easier to navigate), and there’s been quite a few new videos added! Check out all the latest additions in the “recent posts” at the left.

Our gallery has been caught up with screen captures of all latest interviews, panels and other videos which we have posted lately, so make sure you take a look at the latest added albums. We have also changed around on our Movie Productions category, and we hope you’ll like the new set up!

We assume Rose will take a couple of days/weeks off to relax now that the second season of iZombie is both completed and done airing, so we’ll take this opportunity to work hard on our site content! If there is anything you would like to see us add or work on, feel free to send us an email. That’s all for today!

Sara   /   Apr 15,2016   /   0 Comments

W H A T     A     F I N A L E!   We are still reeling! The third season really can’t come soon enough now… What did you think brainies? Join us in discussing it over at twitter, in the comments section here or at our forums.

HD screen captures from both parts which aired on Tuesday, 2×18: Dead Beat and 2×19: Salivation Army, can now be found in our gallery. Be aware of spoilers if you haven’t had the chance to watch the episodes yet!

Liv and Ravi are in need of help and find an unlikely ally in Blaine. Detective Babineaux and Dale Bozzio pursue a new lead on an old case. Meanwhile, when Major finds himself in a world of trouble, sleazebag Brant Stone comes to his rescue. Vaughn’s evil side reaches a whole new level of mean.

Working together on a mission, Liv, Detective Babineaux and Major crash Vaughn’s Super Max Rager party, where singer ROB THOMAS (Matchbox 20 – guest starring as himself) performs a song from his solo repertoire. Meanwhile, Blaine reaches out to Peyton for help, which does not sit well with Ravi.

To make the wait for the new season a little easier to bare, we will have a bunch of iZombie related updates coming up the next weeks. We have a lot of plans for our iZombie career section and the graphics pages, and we’ll also have a few surprises and fun stuff for you. Stay tuned!

Sara   /   Apr 15,2016   /   0 Comments

Since we sadly got very few proper photos of Rose at the 2016 Emerald City Comicon (which you can check out our master post on here, and watch the full panel here), we decided to add HD sreen captures of the full iZombie panel. Rose looked so beautiful! Since it lasted as long as it did, there’s a big batch of screen captures for you to enjoy. We hope you like them! We will continue to look for more photos from this event.

Sara   /   Apr 13,2016   /   0 Comments

Rose’s 23 minutes long live interview at the AOL Build show has now been uploaded online! If you missed it when it aired, you can watch it below right here. Screen captures have been added to our gallery. Enjoy!

Sara   /   Apr 13,2016   /   0 Comments

Following our big “AOL Build Presents: ‘iZombie’ with Rose McIver!” photo update yesterday, we have added 8 HQ photos of Rose leaving the studios after her appearance. Thank you so much to my friend Miss Faith for these! She also got us some old candids of Rose leaving the SiriusXM Studios last year, and some “The Lovely Bones” and “Petals on The Wind” stills. Links to all the albums below!

We’ll have a video of Rose’s appearance on the AOL Build live interview show up for you in a few minutes, same with screen captures. Check back later tonight…

prev01 prev02

Sara   /   Apr 13,2016   /   0 Comments

Yesterday/earlier today, Rose did a video interview with Entertainment Weekly about the season finale of iZombie. You can watch the video below, and screen captures are in our gallery! If you haven’t watched yesterday’s episode yet, be aware that there is spoilers in both the video, and article below.

Warning: This post contains spoilers from Tuesday’s season finale of iZombie. Recap here.

iZombie’s second season ended with, well, an apocalypse. And not everyone made it out alive.

Fans said goodbye to Drake, Vaughn, and even Rob Thomas — the singer, not the showrunner. But some good came out of the hours as well: Liv and Major fought side-by-side, Ravi and Peyton rekindled their romance (before things got complicated with Blaine), and Clive finally found out about zombies.

But what comes next for Liv and Major? And who is this Vivian woman? We sat down with iZombie’s Rose McIver to talk all things finale.

Though a premiere date has not yet been set, iZombie will return for season 3. (Source)

Sara   /   Apr 12,2016   /   0 Comments

We bet you thought today’s photos galore was coming to an end? Well you were wrong! We posted about Rose’s appearance on AOL earlier today, and now we have added +70 HQ photos to our gallery. These include HQ stills from the show, photos of Rose inside the studios and a stunning photo session which we have added to our photoshoot section. Rose looks like an angel! (** These will be replaced with UHQ versions later**)

Sara   /   Apr 12,2016   /   0 Comments

We have added 8 HQ photos of Rose at the red carpet in the SiriusXM studios in New York City. She looks stunning! Our girl is having a very busy day, traveling from interview to interview to promote the season finale of iZombie (which, in case you’ve missed it – is tonight!). Keep checking back for all the latest info, photos and videos; and make sure to scroll down for all of today’s updates…

91 92

Sara   /   Apr 12,2016   /   0 Comments

Rose is having a very busy day! She is currently live on AOL Build, talking about the iZombie finale. Make sure you head over to their website right now to catch her interview. Once it finish airing, we will look for a video for those who might have missed it…


Sara   /   Apr 12,2016   /   0 Comments

Our gallery now contains HQ photos of Rose arriving for the Late Night with Seth Meyers show in New York City yesterday, as well as HQ stills from the show! Screen captures and a video of her interview got posted earlier today, so scroll a few posts down if you missed it… Enjoy!