New SDCC audio interview: The Greatest Rapper on iZombie?

Rose and her iZombie co-stars were interviewed by EW Radio at San Diego Comic-Con last night! They argued over who the best rapper on the cast is – find out who they think by listening to the interview below. Maybe we’ll get to hear some of Rose’s famous lyrics in the third season of the show? We can certainly hope!

San Diego Comic-Con: iZombie panel!

The 2016 iZombie San Diego Comic-Con panel has completed, and we’ve summed up some of the most important things we learned from it for you! There will hopefully be a video of it online soon, like last year, and if so; then we will of course let you know. Rose changed into a beautiful black dress before the panel, and we have added some photos to the gallery thanks to Candiss, Lily and Julie. Plenty more to come tomorrow…

The panel started with a season two highlight reel (watch it below!). Liv as a superhero, a burping bro, an exotic danger, a gambling addict, a magician, a oversexed erotica writer, and a furious old curmudgeon. Rob Thomas name-dropping. Ravi and Peyton’s memorable makeout scene. Blaine’s capture of major, his assasination by Mr. Boss, and subsequent rising among frightened girl scouts. And of course, that cliffhanger. “Are you with us? Or against us?” What an amazing season it was.

1) Rob Thomas says that the main complaint from Season 2 is still that they killed off Lowell in Season 1. The creators know people are upset about Lowell, but he is truly dead.
2) There will be more likable characters introduced, more recurring characters like Ken Marino.
3) Rose says that the taste of the brains has definitely improved.
4) Rose didn’t want to be a diva in the beginning so she didn’t complain about the brains – but the boys did! She says the guys were “such babies” about the jelly brains/hot sauce combo they have to eat.
5) Next season will have two-part episode with Liv and Clive solving a crime in one ep and Peyton prosecuting it in the next
6) David want #iZombie to cross over with #GameofThrones. Aly says she wants #ScreamQueen. Rose wants one with Whose Line Is It Anyway.
7) Rose asked that #iZombie fans start/support this hashtag: #FullFrontalForRahul
8) Rob says Mr. Boss’ storyline will go away for the beginning of the season. They want to go elsewhere. He’ll return down the line.
9) Twitter was most upset about Minor being abandoned. Diane assures he reunited with his newly freed owner.
10) A lot of the season will revolve around Fillmore Graves and Vivian.
11) Vivian Stoll’s impact on Liv will be evident in the second act of the premiere.
12) They have already planned the season finale!
13) Everyone will be on the same page at the beginning of the season. There will be no secrets.
14) Rob Thomas and David Anders both admit that they didn’t think that Blaine would live through two seasons.
15) Liv will eat a dominatrix’s brain next season on #iZombie. “She’s going to be the BEST dom,” says Diane Ruggiero-Wright. Her safe word will be Ficus according to producers.
16) Rob says in season 3 Major is on the hunt for Natalie! He wants to find her and fulfill the promise he made her.
17) If Rahul had to eat brains, he’d eat them in a green curry sauce. Rob would eat them deep fried. Malcolm, in Mac and cheese. Aly would eat brain nachos, Rose would do brain chili.
18) Lots of singing went on with the iZombie cast! “Broken Glass,” Yentl and more
19) Rose loves all the different things she learns from playing different brains, but didn’t enjoy the racist brain. She did feel it was a good thought exercise, and it made her consider what makes people think that way.
20) Dianne: Gryffindor; David: Slytherin; Rahul: Gryffindor; Rob: Hufflepuff; Aly and Rose: Gryffindor
21) Liv & Ravi performed “Mammas Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys” in the country singer ep but it got cut for time
22) Rahul made sure to come along with Rose and Aly when they filmed at the strip club in Season 2.
23) There will be a new wig this season for Rose as Liv! “We’re excited how it’s going to look. It’s going to be even better.” – Rose.
24) Rose can’t bleach her hair for real, describes her hair as a “bail of hay hot glued to her scalp”.
25) Rob says we’re going to get a morally complex character and we want her to be tough and bad-ass. *Vivian.
26) Rose says she loves interacting with fans on social media and the fans dressing up as their characters.

San Diego Comic-Con 2016 – Photo Master-Post!

Our gallery has been updated with many photos of Rose at the San Diego Comic-Con today! We have added even more HQ photos of her in the press room, HQ photos from the fan signing, some miscellaneous fun photos and a gorgeous photoshoot. We will have many more additions to all of these albums later this weekend, but there’s quite a lot to browse through already… Thank you to my friend Jenna for helping us get some of these photos. She runs our partner site Fans for Daneel, which you should all check out.

FYI: The iZombie panel starts in 50 minutes! (5.30PM) We will live update it on twitter, and we’ll add photos, information and videos to the site as soon as it becomes available.

‘iZombie’: Liv and Major will eat dad and daughter brains

Source | “iZombie” won’t be back on The CW until 2017, but with the show set to start production on Season 3 in mere days, there’s plenty to tease about what’s to come.

Speaking to Zap2it at San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright dropped a very fun hint at some of the brains they’ll be tackling this season — namely two that will cause a major shift in Liv (Rose McIver) and Major’s (Robert Buckley) relationship.

“In the second episode they’re on complimentary brains — not the same brain but brains that have a relationship together,” she says. “They eat the brains of a dad and daughter.”

Being that this is “iZombie” though, the former engaged lovers being a parent and child isn’t the only humorous little tilt being thrown at them in the episode. As Ruggiero-Wright continues, “Liv is the dad and Major is the belligerent teenager. It should be pretty fun.”

Just sit back and imagine Major as a teenage girl giving attitude to her dad — Liv. Season 3 cannot get here soon enough.

San Diego Comic-Con – Videos Master-Post!

Ahhh, aren’t Comic-Con fun!? Videos of Rose and the iZombie cast at SDCC are now surfacing, and we’ll add them all to this master post! This post will be updated many times over the next hours, make sure you refresh it regularly. Screen captures of all videos will be added to our gallery at the end of the convention. Happy viewing!

UPDATE 23/07: We have added the first 4 interviews! Check them out at the bottom of the post.

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iZombie’s Rose McIver Previews New Brains for Upcoming Season

Source | The cast and producers of The CW’s undead dramedy iZombie were in attendance at the San Diego Comic-Con for the third year in a row.

OMFGTV had the opportunity to sit down with the series’ lead star Rose McIver, where we asked her what brains we can expect for the Liv Moore to feast on.

“I learned today that I have to eat the brain of a dominatrix,” McIver tells us. “I’ll be doing a lot of research [for that]. It’ll be funny, it’ll be really good.”

Also in the works for early next season is a two-fer. Both Liv and Major (Rorbert Buckley) will be eating the brains of a father and daughter, but if you think it’ll be Liv who will be channeling the daughter, you’d be wrong.

“I’m the father, [Major]’s the angsty teenage daughter.,” she reveals. “That’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s the part Robert Buckley was born to play. He’ going to be great!”

iZombie Season 3 premiers mid-season on The CW.

San Diego Comic-Con – Press Room (Photos)

The first high quality photos of our kiwi at the Comic-Con are now in our gallery! She looks amazing! Her outfit is really unique – I think this might be one of my all-time favorites. Enjoy the pretty in our gallery, and keep checking back for many more updates.

FIRST LOOK! Rose is at the 2016 SDCC!

Rose and her iZombie co-stars are now at the San Diego Comic-Con, where they will attend a string of events leading up to the big panel at 5:00PM. We have the first video of Rose, where she shows off her look! She looks as stunning as always… Keep checking back later for HQ photos!

FYI: The cast just finished their fan signing! We will add photos to our gallery as soon as we find any. We are currently sharing a lot of fan taken photos on our twitter account, so make sure you check it out here.

Syfy “Live From Comic-Con” – info and photos

Rose was a guest at Syfy’s “Live From Comic-Con” show yesterday, and we have added the first photos to our gallery! We hope to have videos of the show soon. Keep checking back for more…

Source | We love Will Arnett and so does Syfy — who enlisted the actor to attack San Diego Comic-Con full force with his pop-up interview show.

The three-night live event, hosted by Arnett, is broadcasting nightly on Syfy, from Thursday, July 21 through Saturday, July 23 at 8/7c, giving fans a behind-the-scenes VIP experience from the heart of the convention.

Digital personality Hailey Bright and actor/comedian William Haynes are hosting the show’s news segments, conducting on-the-street interviews and wrangling the live audience.

Guests at the first event included Wilmer Valderrama, Tony Hale, Alan Tudyk, Rose McIver, Zachary Levi, and Star Trek Beyond’s Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Sofia Boutella and director Justin Lin.

The interviews see them chat about their projects and the visually rich “nerd prom” that attracts so many people who love comics and genre entertainment.

Closer look: Rose’s styling at the MTV Fandom Awards

I bet you all loved Rose’s styling last night just as much as we did; she looks fantastic with braids! Her hair was done by the talented Matt Fugate, and her make up was done by M O R G A N (mgmua). Below you can watch a clip showcasing her style…

Instagram: Mattshair – Kicking off #comiccon with the amazing @iamrosemciver what a dream to work with …. Get this look: inside out French braid into a waterfall braid… Then flip ponytail inside out and gather ends underneath. Finish with @kerastaseusa Elixir Ultime #mattyourhair @xclusiveartists @sergenormantatjohnfrieda #makeup @mgmua


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