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2014Brightest Star (Rose as Charlotte Cates)
2013Blinder (Rose as Sammy Walton)
2010Predicament (Rose as Maybelle Zimmerman)
2009The Lovely Bones (Rose as Lindsey Salmon)
2006Ozzie (Rose as Caitlin)
2002Toy Love (Rose as Lucy)
1997Topless Women Talk About Their Lives (Rose as Sally)
1993The Piano (Rose as Angel)

Television Movies

2014Petals on the Wind (Rose as Cathy Dollanganger)
2011Tangiwai (Rose as Nerissa Love)
2007Johnny Kapahala: Back on Board (Rose as Valerie)
2004Maiden Voyage (Rose as Jenny)
2003Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off (Rose as Hannah)
2002Murder in Greenwich (Rose as Sheila McGuire)
1994 Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur (Rose as Ilea)
1994Hercules in the Underworld (Rose as Ilea)
1994Hercules and the Amazon Women (Rose as Hydra)

Short Films

2015Mattresside (Rose as Sue)
2015The Answers (Rose as Paige)
2015Coward (Rose as Ophelia)
2015Warning Labels (Rose as Josie)
2012 – The Dinner Party (Rose as Heather/herself)
2010 – Dangerous Ride (Rose as Renee)
2008 – So Fresh & So Keen (Rose as Sally Poste)
2007 – Knickers (Rose as Emily)
1998 – Flying (Rose as Josie)