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Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur (1994)
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Rose as Ilea, Hercules’ daughter

Hercules has settled down with his wife and children, but misses the good old days travelling around having exciting adventures. Then one day he is persuaded out of his farming “retirement” to help a distant village which is being attacked by an unseen monster.

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Director: Josh Becker
Writers: Andrew Dettmann (as Andrew Dettman), Daniel Truly
Genre: Fantasy | Action | Adventure
Runtime: 90 minutes
First air date: 14 November 1994 (USA)
Country: New Zealand | USA

Film summary

In Alturia, Danion and his brother Andius followed a treasure map to a long closed hidden door, open it and thus released the Minotaur. Hercules was enjoying life as a family father, albeit reminiscing his former adventures, especially enjoying telling them to his kids, when Iolaus dropped in literally, arousing more memories and demonstrating Eastern combat techniques. When Danion storms in expecting help, Hercules turns him away, but Deianeira insists he needs another adventure, so finally he sets out with Iolaus. Meanwhile a couple of young lovers is surprised in his entrance corridor by the now free Minotaur, who captures them, smears them with green slime and says the’ll obey ‘the future ruler of the world’. On arrival in Alturia, Hercules and Iolaus remark life seems to go about normally, and are told the brothers are the village idiots; the Minotaur swears he’ll teach Herculues all about humiliation, out of hate for Zeus, who faces him and regrets having imprisoned him, not killed. When the inn-keeper tells them the village often gets a fake Hercules and deals with them unpleasantly, that starts Iolaus telling one of their adventures, till Trikonis and his burly mates challenge the ‘rotten liars’, leading to an impressive brawl. Hercules, the last one standing, checks in with unconscious Iolaus over his shoulder. At night the scum prepares to surprise them, but are killed by the Minotaur; Hercules rushes out to the noise, is found by the mob standing over the mutilated corpses, and chased as presumed murderer; he knocks a wall down so they can escape. When the mob has them trapped, the earth starts shaking and swallowing people, including Iolaus. Danion brings Hercules to the Minotaur’s home; on the way Zeus explains he punished the formerly beautiful man by transformation for leading a bunch challenging the gods, and asks Hercules to do what Zeus still can’t: kill the monster. Hercules’s party of three enters the maze carrying torches and tells Danion to make a trace by trailing his spear, but he runs back scared, only one villager stays; the Minotaur wounds Danion, who drags himself back to them before collapsing; when the fat companion gets stuck, the Minotaur’s claw kills him, then the earth swallows Hercules, who drops into a misty chamber the awaiting monster calls his damp home and promises to start Zeus’ nightmare by killing his ‘spoiled’ son. They fight hard; when knocked down, the Minotaur explains Zeus could’t kill him because he’s his son too; now Hercules won’t fight, but is forced to by a threat to Iolaus’s life… (by KGF Vissers)


Kevin Sorbo … as Hercules
Anthony Quinn … as Zeus
Tawny Kitaen … as Deianeira
Michael Hurst … as Iolaus
Anthony Ray Parker … as Minotaur
Nic Fay … as Andius
Andrew Thurtell … as Danion
Paul McIver … as Aeson
Simon Lewthwaite … as Klonus
Rose McIver … as Ilea
Katrina Hobbs … as Lover Girl
Warren Carl … as Lover Boy
Maya Dalziel … as Townswoman
Sydney Jackson … as Darthus
Marise Wipani … as Maiden

Release/air dates

USA: 14 November 1994
Germany: 20 November 1995
UK: March 1996 (video premiere)
France: 19 October 1996

Also known as:
Brazil Hércules E o Labirinto do Minotauro
Germany Hercules im Labyrinth des Minotaurus
France Hercule et le labyrinthe du Minotaure
UK Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur
Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title) O Iraklis kai o lavyrinthos tou Minotavrou
Hungary Herkules a Minotaurusz útvesztőjében
Italy Hercules nel labirinto del Minotauro
Portugal Hércules no Labirinto
Serbia Herkul u Minotaurovom lavirintu
Venezuela Hércules y el laberinto del Minotauro

Trivia & Goofs
  • Rose plays Hercules’ daughter in the series, and her real life brother (Paul McIver) plays his son. Paul was actually the first to be cast – but Rose is the one who continued acting.
  • In “Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur”, they show a clip from one of the earlier films in the same series which Rose also starred in, “Hercules and the Amazon Women”. The clip is actually from the one scene Rose has, but since she played a different character there (a hydra posing as a young girl), they start the scene from the moment where she has transformed into a hydra.
  • Goof: In the bar, Iolaus tells a story, in clip show format, to someone who doesn’t believe that Hercules is Hercules. However, the story he tells didn’t take place, as Iolaus died and Hercules went back in time preventing the events in the flashback from ever occurring.
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