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A Christmas Prince (2017)
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A Christmas Prince is about the aspiring young journalist Amber, who is sent abroad to get the scoop on a handsome prince who’s poised to be king. The prince is set to become the country’s king after a coronation at the annual Christmas ball, and Amber goes undercover in the royal family’s castle to get a good story. There she pretends to be the Prince’s younger sister Em’s private tutor.

Character: Amber
Director: Alex Zamm
Written by: Karen Schaler
Produced by: Netflix
Release Date: On Netflix November 17, 2017
Genre: Christmas/Holiday Movie, Family, Romance
Running Time: 01:31:53
Country: USA
Language: English
Filming Locations: Bucharest in Romania
Tagline: Royalty. Romance. And a really handsome prince. He’s her most important assignment to date.
Cast: Theo Devaney, Honor Kneafsey, Ben Lamb, Emma Saunders, Joel McVeagh, Sarah Douglas, Alice Kridge

In Mid-February 2017, Rose revealed on her social media that she had traveled to Romania for professional reasons. At the time, no information on what she was doing there were shared – but we eventually learned through her co-star Sarah Douglas that she was filming a movie for Netflix. Sarah explained that she was “Delighted to be working with Alice Krige on a Netflix project. Heading off to Romania 2 re-connect with old mates” (February 24, 2017), but also that she was not allowed to share anything about the production or cast. On March 12th, Sarah explained that she was on her final days in Romania – but we later learned that Rose stayed for a little while longer. In April we found out that the film was titled “A Christmas Prince”.

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Sarah Douglas (on Rose): “Always enjoy getting to know new people, discovering genuine talent & delightful character. A real trooper too. What a combo Rose McIver.“

Joel McVeagh (Amber’s best friend in the film): “I just sat in my bed in shock then ran into the living-room and told my mum who jumped around the room with excitement! [When learning he won the part] When the filming came around in March, besides getting the script, I had no information about anything else until I landed in Romania. When I got on set I found out the film was led by Rose McIver. That was a real shocker as she’s the lead in an American TV series, iZombie.”

Joel McVeagh: “It co-stars Daniel Fathers who was massive in my childhood, from Disney movies Camp Rock 1 and 2. It was an honour to meet him, he shared amazing acting advice and recommended books I should read, such as Michael Caine: Acting in Film. I’ve read it twice since coming home. The filming experience was amazing. On my first day I was talking straight into camera. The whole crew was lovely.”

Rose McIver (November 17, Twitter): “Getting Christmas Krunk and it’s still November. Check out #AChristmasPrince on Netflix now for a brief fairytale escape from 2017 shit storm.”

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Below you can read some “A Christmas Prince” reviews and articles by different websites and people. If you would like to share your own review on the film, please drop us an email or twitter DM with your review! All will be posted below with your name.

A Christmas Prince tells the story of Amber (Rose McIver), an intrepid but undervalued New York reporter who gets sent on assignment to Aldovia — which looks like the inside of a snowglobe — as a fake nanny to get the dirt on playboy Prince Richard’s (Ben Lamb) scandalous antics. Shenanigans ensue, including lines like “I’m actually inside the palace,” breaking of royal vases, a makeover montage, and even a sassy younger sister with Shirley Temple curls (Honor Kneafsey) to give wise advice once the two fall in love, as will inevitably happen. I am so excited about this movie that I’m even willing to forgive the fact that it totally falls into the female-journalist-sleeping-with-her-source trope. The fact that all this happens at Christmas is just the star on top of the merry Netflix tree. But the best news of all? This instant holiday classic is available to stream today! Cancel all your plans — the royals are waiting. – Refinery

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