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Rose is known for her roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time", "Maddigan's Quest" and "Power Rangers R.P.M", and can currently be seen in the CW television show "iZombie" as the lead character Olivia 'Liv' Moore.

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Brightest Star
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After the heartbreaking end of his first love, a recent college graduate sets out to win back the girl of his dreams only to discover a greater journey awaits him.
Director & Writers: Maggie Kiley (Director and writer), Matthew Mullen (writer)
Cast: Chris Lowell, Rose McIver, Jessica Szohr
Year Completed: 2013
Country of Origin: USA
Runtime: 80 Minutes
Also known as: Light Years
Genres: Comedy | Drama | Romance
Release date: 31 January 2014 (USA)

Fresh out of college, a young man (Chris Lowell) is left devastated when the girl of his dreams dumps him. Refusing to move on, he devises a plan to transform himself into the man she desires. After resigning himself to working for the head of a company in corporate mediocrity (Clark Gregg), he falls for a hipster songstress (Jessica Szohr) who likes him as he is. As his path continues to unfold unexpectedly, the counsel of a kindred spirit astronomer (Allison Janney) helps him understand how to truly carve out a place in the universe.

  • The film was filmes in Los Angeles, California, and New York City, New York.
  • Brightest star was Maggie Kiley’s feature directorial debut.
  • The film was originally called “Light Years”, but got changed to “Brightest Star”.


Try Me (Jupiter Remix)
Written by Frederic Riviere
Performed by Anoraak
Love That Beats My Heart
Written by Matthew Christopher Aldred, Harry Burgess, Zack Burgess, and Nyssa Rosaleen
Performed by Modern Superstitions
Written by Darren Beale and Mark Davies
Performed by Kosheen
We Are Erased
Written by Matthew Pukett
Performed by Samantha Barbera and Matthew Pukett
The Perfect Sound
Written by Justin Robert Bates and Aaron Ray Buckley
Performed by Ring A Ling Music
Kind Hearts (Keep Giving)
Written by Keith Waggoner and ‘Joshua Caldwell (II)’
Performed by Holy Folk
Down To The River
Written by Francisco Alejo Cueto
Performed by Fig
Cuban Jam
Written by La Palabra
Performed by L’Orquestra La Palabra
Brother Sparrow
Written by Agnes Caroline Tharupp Obel
Performed by Agnes Obel
Civilization Cue
Written by Cody Jump
Performed by Cpdy Jump and Matthew Pukett
Written by Ed Widman and Mikael Kent Widman
Performed by Love in October
Can’t Let Go
Written by Christopher VanderKolk
Performed by Christopher Norman
Written by Mark A. P. Wike and James B. Sweeney
Performed by Mark Wike
Step Aside
Written by Paul Orwell and Nathan Clarke
Performed by Dead Models
Shooting Star
Written by Ron Karseboom
Performed by Sideways Runners
Take Cover
Written by Dan Goldman
Performed by Luxury Pond
Three Tree Town
Written by Benjamin John Howard
Performed by Ben Howard
Some Boy
Written by Matthew Pukett
Performed by Samantha Barbera and Matthew Pukett
Lights and Sound
Written by Matthew Pukett
Performed by Matthew Pukett
Santa Monica Dream
Written by Angus Stone and Julia Natasha Stone
Performed by Angus and Julia Stone
Run Run
Written by Phillip LaRue and Allen Salmon
Performed by The Rival



Rose and the “Brightest Star” cast and crew attended the Los Angeles premiere of the film, held at the Sundance Sunset Cinema on a Tuesday night (January 28). To the event, Rose wore a Haute Hippie dress, Wild Diva shoes, and jewelry from Skinny and Hannah Naomi. This was the only official event Rose attended to promote the film.

Along with her co-star Chris Lowell, she did a string of interviews to promote the film:

30/01/2014: “We Got This Covered” interview » Watch | Screen Captures
30/01/2014: “DP/30: The Oral History Of Hollywood” interview » Watch | Screen Captures


Variety: This modestly scaled drama has a shot at a brighter future than most under-the-radar indies.Maggie Kiley’s first feature, “Brightest Star,” has all the trappings of a contemporary romantic comedy, but also the good sense to strive for a deeper examination of a young man’s search for his place in the universe. Expanded from Kiley’s 2009 short, “Some Boys Don’t Leave,” which starred Jesse Eisenberg, the full-length pic toplining smallscreen star Chris Lowell (“Veronica Mars,” “Enlisted”) premiered at the 2013 Austin Film Festival under the title “Light Years.” It’s a modestly scaled drama that’s a solid fit for day-and-date VOD and limited theatrical release, with a shot at a brighter future than most under-the-radar indies. (read full film review here)

He’s in Love, but No Closer to Figuring It Out. ‘Brightest Star,’ a Story About 20-Something Relationships… Young people’s romantic relationships may be more vaguely defined than they were in the days of chaperones and ritualistic courtship, but that doesn’t mean that movies about those relationships are well served by being vague. “Brightest Star,” an uninvolving film by Maggie Kiley, gives us a story of love among 20-somethings without telling us enough about the main characters to indicate why we should care about their perfectly ordinary entanglements. (read full film review here)

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