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Petals on The Wind (2014)
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Every evil stems from somewhere – It’s going to be one hell of a family reunion.

Director: Karen Moncrieff
Writers: Kayla Alpert (teleplay), Virginia C. Andrews (novel)
Rose as: Cathy Dollanganger
Cast: Heather Graham, Bailey De Young, Will Kemp, Rose McIver, Wyatt Nash | See full cast & crew »
Country of Origin: USA
Runtime: 85 Minutes
Premiere date: 26 May 2014 (USA) on Lifetime
Genres: Drama | Romance | Thriller
Follows: Flowers in the Attic (2014)
Followed by: If There Be Thorns (2015), Seeds of Yesterday (2015)
Filming Locations: Los Angeles, California, USA

1970 South Carolina. It’s been ten years since the three surviving Dollanganger children – Christopher, Cathy and Carrie – escaped from the attic of Foxworth Hall in Virginia, where they were held captive for two years by their wealthy maternal grandmother Olivia Foxworth, who believed they were the spawn of the devil being the offspring of their parents’ incestuous relationship, and their mother Corrine, who wanted to get them out of her life so that she could move on to a more lucrative one herself with younger lawyer Bart Winslow. Corrine did marry Bart, who did and still does not know of the children’s existence. Olivia and Corrine were the only two people who knew the children were hidden in the attic.

Dr. Paul Sheffield, the man who took them in as his own after their escape and provided a prosperous life for them, has just passed away, that prosperous life which includes a medical school education for Christopher, ballet lessons for aspiring ballerina Cathy, and private school for Carrie. But events in the attic, namely Cathy and Christopher only having each others arms to fall into as they reached their sexual awakening, and their mother and grandmother’s abusive treatment of them those two years, including Corrine secretly poisoning Carrie’s twin brother Cory to death via tainted donuts, has had a profound effect on them. Christopher and Cathy have repressed those sexual, romantic feelings for each other for these ten years, those feelings which still exist and have grown stronger by their sheer denial. On Cathy’s urging, she and Christopher try to move on with their individual lives with other romantic partners, which for Cathy is with fellow ballet dancer, the controlling and obsessive Julian Marquet in New York City, and for Christopher the naive Sarah Reeves, the daughter of his physician mentor.

Carrie now is at a stage in her life where Cathy and Christopher were ten years ago sexually, and her sexual confusion is compounded by their grandmother’s past taunting and being bullied at school. An incident involving Carrie, which brings to the surface a hidden mission that she has had all these years, leads to Cathy feeling like she needs to contact their mother and grandmother for the first time in over a decade to address their abuse, while she and Christopher examine and deal with their true feelings for each other. – Written by Huggo


  • The first screen adaptation of the 1980 novel of the same name and second novel in the Dollanganger series. Prior to the 2014 Lifetime version, the first novel of the series was adapted as Flowers in the Attic (1987) but the ending of the film deviated significantly from the book, killing off Corrine Dollanganger. Making an adaptation of the sequel novel proved impossible as its story followed Cathy Dollanganger seeking revenge on Corrine.
  • Cathy is seen wearing the same dress her mother wore at the Christmas party in “Flowers in the Attic”, to announce to everyone that she was not only Corrine’s daughter, but was pregnant with Bart’s child!
  • Petals on the Wind is produced by A+E Studios in association with Silver Screen Pictures for Lifetime. The movie is executive produced by Merideth Finn and Michele Weiss of Cue the Dog Productions, along with Charles W. Fries of Fries Film Company, Inc. Rob Sharenow, Tanya Lopez and Lisa Hamilton Daly executive produce for Lifetime. Richard D. Arredondo and Kyle A. Clark of Silver Screen Pictures produced the film. International distribution will be handled by A&E International.
  • Premiere dates: United States (Lifetime) May 26, 2014
    Canada (Lifetime Canada) May 26, 2014
    United Kingdom (Lifetime UK) September 18, 2014
    Australia (Foxtel SoHo) December 13, 2014
  • The song heard in all the official trailers and commercials for Petals on the Wind is “In the Air Tonight” by Kelly Sweet. It’s a cover of the song originally recorded by Phil Collins.
  • The movie averaged 3.4 million viewers, including 1.5 million viewers among adults 18-49. This is a 44% decrease from the record-setting premiere of Flowers in the Attic in January. Petals on the Wind still ranks as one of Lifetime’s most-watched original movies of the year (2014).
  • Rose was revaled for the role of Cathy on February 18 in 2014, by The Hollywood Reporter. Will Kemp was announced as Julian two days later, and Bailey and Wyatt was announced for the roles of Carrie and Wyatt about a week after Rose.
  • Though the Petals on the Wind novel picks up immediately following the events of Flowers in the Attic, Lifetime’s version takes place 10 years later.
  • Only two weeks passed from McIver’s first audition in Los Angeles to the start of filming on Feb. 25, which didn’t afford enough time for her to read the novels (“I feel like the only person on the planet who wasn’t [familiar]”).
  • McIver admits that there were “several” sequences in the movie that were “quite taxing” and “emotional” (there are a few violent Cathy-Julian encounters) – she was even seen crying at the set at one point -, but the confrontation between Cathy and Olivia Foxworth (Ellen Burstyn) at the Foxworth mansion near the end of the movie took the cake.


Quotes – from the film

Cathy: I’m pregnant with his child. Merry Christmas, mother.


Quotes – on the film

“It is 10 years later, so there’s a lot that’s changed for her. But in her essence, it’s the same character, and she has the same love for her family and her brother [Christopher] and the same struggles with her mother and grandmother. It was helpful to draw on the history that Kiernan (Flowers in the attic) had created.” – Rose on her character

“She has such a big heart and wants the best for her siblings and really doesn’t want to be the product of her circumstances. She has a strength of character and tenacity that I find so admirable, but at the same time, she was hurt so badly by what happened to her [in Flowers] that she can’t help but have this huge chip on her shoulder that she’s constantly battling with. I think that happens a lot in our lives. We try really hard to depart from the things that have hurt us, and they come back and rear their heads over and over again. Cathy is trying to be somebody new and be her own person,” but she “still feels the pain and the experiences of what happened to her growing up continually haunting her.” – Rose on her character

“Christopher was very much her partner in her [sexual] experience growing up, and obviously being her brother, it was deeply inappropriate and taboo. Cathy was looking for somebody else she could connect with. [Julian] arrives at a time when she’s vulnerable, and she endures a lot more from Julian than anybody ever should. She does realize that, knowing that it’s not the right thing for her to be engaging in, but [she’s] wanting affection with another person and not being able to do that with her brother.” – Rose on her character

“It’s very much at the height of Cathy’s quest. It’s her saying, ‘Look what you’ve done to me. You’ve ruined me, how am I supposed to be myself and be a strong woman when you’ve taken away everything? You made our lives a living hell for two years. Confronting a family member who you’re so spurned by and so hurt by but trying to enact revenge upon is a really complicated emotional journey, and that made it a difficult scene.” – Rose on the final scenes of the film

Are Cathy and Christopher meant to be, or, are they strictly victims of their environment? Rose: “It’s such a gray area. You only know what you know, and for her, the other people she was drawn toward hurt her terribly, and Christopher doesn’t hurt her. We can understand why that’s her safe place. It’s a very complex question. In an ideal scenario, this wouldn’t even be considered, but for Cathy, she doesn’t really have a lot of strong role models that can lead her in other directions. She finds that being with Christopher, at least she has a confidante and somebody who really understands her.”



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