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Coming of age crime comedy set in 1930’s New Zealand. Adaptation of the Ronald Hugh Morrieson novel.
Creators: Jason Stutter (Director, Writer – screenplay), Ronald Hugh Morrieson (writer – novel)
Rose as: Maybelle Zimmerman
Cast: Jemaine Clement, Heath Franklin, Hayden Frost | See full cast & crew
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Runtime: 90 Minutes
Release date: 26 August 2010 (New Zealand)
Genres: Comedy | Crime
Filming locations:: Hawera and Eltham in Taranaki

Predicament is a powerful and disturbing account of the psychological fantasy world of adolescence with the familiar small-town setting of Morrieson’s writing, so is a coming-of-age novel and a crime comedy. Naïve teenager Cedric Williamson is involved with two older criminally inclined misfits in photographing and blackmailing amorous couples, and ends up an accomplice to murder. It is set in a 1930s Taranaki town similar to Morrieson’s Hawera.

Jemaine Clement, Heath Franklin, Hayden Frost & Tim Finn star in PREDICAMENT the new gothic crime comedy from director Jason Stutter. Based on the novel by Ronald Hugh Morrieson.

Awards & Nominations

Brussels International Independent Film Festival – 2011
Nominated Grand Prize: International Competition – Jason Stutter

New Zealand Film and TV Awards (II) – 2011
Won Best Visual Effects – Marten Coombe (Sauce FX Studios)
Won Achievement in Costume Design in Film – Lesley Burkes-Harding
Won Best Cinematography in a Feature Film – Simon Raby
Won Best Production Design in a Feature Film – John Harding
Won Achievement in Original Music in Film – David Donaldson, Janet Roddick, Steve Roche
Won Achievement in Make-Up Design in Film – Angela Mooar
Nominated Best Director in a Film Feature – Jason Stutter
Nominated Best Film – Sue Rogers
Nominated Best Screenplay for a Feature Film – Jason Stutter
Nominated Best Editing in a Feature Film – Jonathan Woodford-Robinson
Nominated Achievement in Sound Design in Film – Matt Stutter, Martin Kwok, Michael Hedges, Gilbert Lake, Ken Saville

  • The film was an adaptation of the Ronald Hugh Morrieson novel. It was the last Morrieson novel to be adapted for cinema; his other three novels were filmed in the 1980s.
  • While Morrieson’s first two novels were published in Australia, Predicament was declined by Angus & Robertson. It went through numerous drafts, many abandoned, before (like Pallet on the Floor) being published posthumously by Dunmore Press of Palmerston North in 1975.
  • The opening scene is of a hunched figure digging in the darkness, and demonstrates Simon Raby’s superb cinematography; as does the next (daytime) shot of a high rickety wooden tower built by Cedric’s mentally unbalanced father Martin.
  • Although the film was shot 2.35:1, the dvd is presented 2.14:1, enhanced for 16:9. The audio is either 5.1 dolby digital or 5.1 dts. Extras include – Interviews with: Jason Stutter (10:17), Jemaine Clement (4:09), Heath Franklin (5:53), Hayden Frost (4:53), Tim Finn (5:40 and Rose McIver (1:35); A “Behind the Scenes” featurette (19:49); Deleted scenes (8:20); A music video featuring Tim Finn and Jemaine Clement (3:11); Bloopers (3:56); Trailer (1:48) and a still image gallery. It is only in English and has no subtitles. Starting 11 May 2011, it was re-issued, selling for about $25nz.
  • Stutter said he was rapt to have been able create the Predicament film to match the book and in the home town of its author, Ronald Hugh Morrieson. “He sat in his home in Hawera, dreamed up this story that he struggled to get published and now it’s going to Hollywood. It’s a shame he can’t be here to see everyone loving his work.”

On August 20, 2010, Rose and her co-stars attended the red carpet premiere of “Predicament” in South Taranaki. Months of waiting finally came to an end as the film’s stars joined the locals to enjoy the film at the charity gala premiere. Arriving in vintage cars fitting for the film’s 1930s setting, the stars were then mixed and mingled at the pre-party in a marquee outside Cinema 2. This was the only official promotional event Rose attended for the film.

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In the August 14 issue of Canvas Magazine (in 2010), Rose was the cover girl. In the feature she, among other things, promoted the film, and a still of her as Maybelle was featured.

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NZ Herald – August 2010:
Rating: 3/5
Verdict: Tepid fourth adaptation of much-filmed local yarn-spinner

The stories of Ronald Hugh Morrieson helped New Zealand film get up to speed in the 1980s. Of the four novels he wrote in the previous decades, three hit the big screen in quick succession – The Scarecrow and Came a Hot Friday were local hits in 82 and 84, while Pallet on the Floor in 86 went largely unloved.

That Predicament has never made it to the screen indicates its cinematic potential wasn’t great.

Unfortunately, the long-awaited result rather confirms this. It’s likeable enough around the edges for its attempted recreation of Morrieson’s world of 1930s South Taranaki and the amusing scene-stealing performance of Jemaine Clement as the helium-voiced “Spook”, one of the various scoundrels involved in its plot of small-town blackmail, murder and madness.

But it’s a film of listless energy, and unsteady performances – especially Australian comedian Heath Franklin, who, as head scoundrel Mervyn Toebeck, can’t quite cope with verbosity of Morrieson’s character. (read full review here) – August 2010 – Predicament is set in a small South Taranaki town in the 1930s. The place might not be exactly author Ronald Hugh Morrieson’s native Hawera, but it was probably close enough to enrage more than a few locals.

Morrieson wrote about a town where every local was hiding a secret, where the local cops were quite probably on the take, and the landed gentry were just as big a ratbag as the motliest of the town drunks.

Into this surreal Kiwi demi- monde, Morrieson inserted a tale of lechery, blackmail, murder and general scumbaggery of the highest order. Predicament was the last of Morrieson’s novels to be written, after The Scarecrow, Came a Hot Friday, and Pallet on The Floor, and now it is the last to be filmed.

Director Jason Stutter’s film does a pretty good job of recreating the look and the events of Morrieson’s book. The actions, words and places are more or less faithful, while the production values, especially Simon Raby’s cinematography, are exceptional.

Unfortunately, getting a film to look right is only half the battle. I came away from seeing Predicament struck by the feeling that Stutter is just too nice a guy to have done this story justice. Predicament misses completely the alcoholism, the self-loathing and the loneliness that drove Morrieson’s pen, and so misses the venality and scabrous philosophies that he set in the hearts of his characters Toebeck, Fox and Spook. And without that, Predicament is adrift. (read full review here)

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