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Tangiwai (2011)
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Tangiwai: A Love Story is a drama based on the real events of one of New Zealand’s worst disasters, the Tangiwai Rail Disaster. It tells the story of legendary New Zealander cricketer, Bob Blair and his ill-fated romance to Nerissa Love, who was killed in the 1953 tragedy.

Director: Charlie Haskell
Writers: Paula Boock, Donna Malane
Rose as: Nerissa Love
Cast: Rose McIver, Ryan O’Kane, Miranda Harcourt | See full cast & crew »
Country of Origin: New Zealand
Runtime: 93 Minutes
Company: Lippy Pictures
Premiere date: 14 August 2011 (New Zealand) (NZ: TV ONE)
Genres: Drama
Budget: NZD 3,000,000 (estimated)
Filming Locations: Otaki railway station, Arthur Street, Otaki, New Zealand, Wellington

It’s 1953. Bob Blair and 19-year-old Nerissa Love are deeply in love. Their love story alone is the stuff of movies but what makes Bob and Nerissa’s story one of legends is that catastrophic events will cause their private love story to play out its final scene on an unlikely public stage.

While Bob goes off to play cricket for his country in South Africa, Nerissa makes a fateful decision to travel to Auckland to be with her friend for Christmas. While Bob smashes wickets in Johannesburg, the train Nerissa is on heads straight for a bridge that spans the Whangaehu River – a place better known as Tangiwai – “River of Tears”.

When news of the train crash and Nerissa’s death – along with 150 Xmas travellers – reaches the cricket team in South Africa, Bob is devastated. But what follows is an act of courage and defiance that stands as one of our most dramatic moments in sporting history. Bob Blair’s actions on the cricket field – batting through tears to try and save his battered team – reflect the heroism being played out back home as the nation faces its worst ever disaster.

TANGIWAI explores a great tragedy through the eyes of two young people who embody all the hope of the post-war generation, a generation who were desperate to forge a new, independent path for themselves.



Starring: Rose McIver (Nerissa Love), Ryan O’Kane (Bob Blair), Miranda Harcourt (Mabel Love), Mick Rose (Alec Love), Taungaroa Emile (Toki Awa), Dean O’Gorman (Bert Sutcliffe), Catherine Wilkin (Emma Blair), Peter McCauley (Bill Blair), Nathan Meister (Jim Blair), Byron Coll (Stan Avery), Fleur Saville (Eva Peacocke), Mabelle Dennison (Kui Wai), Tainui Tukiwaho (Ahuru Awa), Adam Gardiner (Frank Mooney), Jonny Brugh (John Reid), Paul Harrop (Geoff Rabone), Shane Bartle (Guy Overton), Cohen Holloway (Lawrie Miller), George Mason (Matt Poore), Joshua McKenzie (John Beck), Francis Biggs (Tony MacGibbon), Richard Dey (Jack Cheetham), Iain O’Brien (Neil Adcock), John Chalmers (Jack Kerr), Stephen Gledhill (Commentator 1), Peter Hambleton (Commentator 2), Jed Brophy (Dick Brittenden), Drew Briceford (Jim Love), Beck Taylor (Michael Love), Tim Spite (John Holman), Loren Taylor (Delia Holman), Paul Yates (Cyril Ellis), Simon Ferry (Charlie Parker), David Geary (Lance Redmond), Tawanda Manyimo (Hotel Porter), Luke Hawker (Army Private), Grant Tilly (Station Master), Ngapaki Emery (Helper at morgue), Tipene Reweti (Tamariki 1), John Osborne (Man in fight), Peter Sledmere (Newsreader), Lucien Johnson (Leader of Dance Band), Stephanie Paris (Singer at Dance )

Awards and Nominations

2012 New Zealand Television Awards
Best Performance by a Supporting Actor: Mick Rose
Cinematography: David Paul
Production Design: John Harding
Make-Up Design: Linda Wall

  • To propel the miniature train used for the crash scene, the train was connected by wires running down the tracks to the rear rims of a Ford Falcon on jacks. When the car accelerated, the wire would wind around the rims and pull the train.
  • For the film, preserved locomotive KA 942 had its pre-1947 streamlining removed and was renumbered KA 949 to match the actual Tangiwai crash locomotive.
  • Goof: During the cricket scene where the engagement is announced, the number plate visible on the black vehicle is an LLNNNN version not issued till the mid 1960s.
  • Goof: In the shots prior to the crash scene, the steam locomotive changes back and forth between being clean and polished and being dirty and covered in soot.
  • The film is based on real events. The Tangiwai disaster occurred at 22:21 on 24 December 1953 when the Whangaehu River bridge collapsed beneath a Wellington to Auckland express passenger train at Tangiwai, in the central North Island of New Zealand. The locomotive and first six carriages derailed into the river, killing 151 people.
  • Music composed by Peter Hobbs. ‘Stealing Happiness’ sung by Gin Wigmore. Soundtrack available for free download at
  • Rose’s character in the film’s best friend Eva Peacocke is played by one of Rose’s best friends in real life, Fleur Saville. The two also starred in Maddigan’s Quest together.

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