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Rose is known for her roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time", "Maddigan's Quest" and "Power Rangers R.P.M", and can currently be seen in the CW television show "iZombie" as the lead character Olivia 'Liv' Moore.

We aim to bring you all the latest news and images relating to Rose's acting career, and strive to remain 100% gossip-and-paparazzi-free. - Staff
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At this page we will showcase some of the magazine features Rose has had over the years. You can find information on the magazine spread, as well as her interview/article, magazine scans and behind the scenes footage or videos if available. We are always looking to expand this section, so please get in touch with us if you have a magazine Rose is featured in which is missing from our list.

Please note that this section only covers her big editorial spreads, not all her appearances in magazines. If you want to check out her features in various papers and television magazines, we always try to keep our magazine scans section of our gallery as complete as possible.

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2010 | Remix Magazine – Issue #67 (New Zealand)

As one of her very first magazine spreads, Rose’s Remix Magazine feature from 2010 remains one of our absolute favorites even the day today. It featured a brand new photoshoot by Louise Hatton, and a really great article/interview by Tim Lambourne. In the interview we learned more about her background and how she is a person, how she got the news she had been cast in “The Lovely Bones”, her thoughts on an acting career and more.

‘The thing with acting is that one minute you are getting work and the next minute you’re not so you just enjoy it when it’s around. I’ve been really fortunate and I’ve been able to play a variety of different [roles] which is always what you look for when you’re developing yourself as an actor.’

The lovely rose Rose McIver is one of New Zealand’s most promising talents. She’s already starred alongside Rachel Weisz and Mark Wahlberg in The Lovely Bones and she picked up a role in the new Kiwi film The Predicament. Not bad for someone who’s only recently celebrated her 22ND birthday.

Researching for an interview with Rose McIver is refreshingly interesting. Think less archived interviews and IMDB credit lists, more ask your mates’ mate who knows her from that time in Europe. Thank you two degrees of separation. So what do her mates say? She’s great, she’s lovely, she’s this that and the other. Everything you would expect to hear from her friends really. But one thing that kept coming up was her humble and down to earth attitude in an industry that’s infamous for breeding the opposite. A mutual friend told me about the time she was on a Contiki bus trip in Europe when Rose got a call confirming she had landed a dream role in The Lovely Bones. Rose, the friend explained, got up when they had to introduce themselves and told the group that she was an actress and that she had just got some good news. She had just been offered a part in some movie based on some book which was being directed by Peter Jackson. Peter Jackson? That’s pretty cool the people on the bus thought.’What’s the movie?’ The eager crowd asked her. ‘Ummmm, The Lovely Bones?’ Rose told them. And what was Rose’s response to their cries of amazement and congratulations? ‘Hmmm, I should probably go and read the book.’ When I spoke to Rose she was in Wellington having just done her REMIX shoot. I wanted to find out if this abundant modesty was just her Contiki persona or a fundamental part of her personality. ‘I think that you have been talking to liars, I am a horrible person’, she jokes. So yes, she’s humble, and apparently funny too. Rose puts it into perspective. ‘I’m not a scientist or a life changing doctor or anything, you know?’ She is of course an actress and given her young age, just 21, an incredibly prolific one. At just two years old Rose was appearing in television commercials, at three years old she was in The Piano and by age four she was on the set of Hercules. ‘The thing with acting is that one minute you are getting work and the next minute you’re not so you just enjoy it when it’s around.’ | Read the full interview in our press archive

2010 | Canvas Magazine [August 14]

2009 became a huge year for Rose, with projects such as “Power Rangers R.P.M” and “The Lovely Bones” gaining her more popularity. And with the blossoming popularity came an increased interest in her from magazines, and she started getting more and more features in local ones home in New Zealand. On August 14, 2010 she covered Weekend Herald’s Canvas magazine, with a beautiful new photoshoot by Natalie Slade, as well as a look at her character in the then upcoming film “Predicament”.

“It’s nothing exceptional,” she says of her life growing up in front of the camera. “Some kids played hockey in their school holidays and I just worked. Acting was always more of a hobby than a serious pursuit.”

Rose McIver is a rare talent: a child star emerging unscathed into adulthood – with a fan in Peter Jackson, no less. She tells Rebecca Barry about her grown-up new role, her desire for dysfunction and why she won’t move to Hollywood. There’s a star in the room, incognito in track pants and jandals. Her hair is messy. She smells funny. “I’m not one to dress up,” deadpans Rose McIver, who has walked the red carpet alongside Rachel Weisz and Susan Sarandon looking like a cherubic Charlize Theron. She was sprayed-tanned this morning, hence the smell and the loose clothes, and is at pains to explain she only had it done to look the part of a cheerleader in Madeleine Sami’s upcoming TV3 comedy, Super City. “Actually my worst nightmare is feeling overdressed,” she says, toting a plastic bag with the opshop gear she’s brought for the shoot.

McIver’s unfussy attire suits her. The 22-year-old has been acting for so long she can’t remember her earliest jobs, “wandering around” in a commercial at age 2, appearing in Aileen O’Sullivan’s short film The Joker. Since the age of 3, when she staggered across the stage with a full bladder in Oscar-winner The Piano, she has featured in Shortland Street, several American television shows and Disney films, local film-maker Harry Sinclair’s Topless Women Talk About Their Lives and Toy Love, homegrown TV shows Maddigan’s Quest and Rude Awakenings, Peter Jackson’s juggernaut adaptation The Lovely Bones, Silo theatre production, That Face, and now, the cinematic interpretation of Ronald Hugh Morrieson’s novel, Predicament opposite Jemaine Clement, Heath Franklin (Chopper) and Tim Finn. In person she has none of the pretence you might expect could come with such success. | Read full interview in our press archive

2013 | Zooey Magazine [December 7]

When Rose got cast as Tinkerbell on the popular show “Once Upon a Time”, many were dying to find out more about the Kiwi beauty. Zooey magazine were among the first ones lucky enough to get a spread with Rose in their online magazine, and Rose talked with the mag about the types of films she’s looking for, playing Tinkerbell and her hobbies. The spread came with a stunning new photoshoot by Brandon Kidd, which really showcased Rose’s natural beauty.

I play guitar and sing. I also write in various forms, stories, poems, and more recently screenplays. I am a good baker – much better at baking than at cooking dinners – I like diligently following a recipe.

You are one of many rising stars here in Hollywood who originated from New Zealand. What can you tell us about your hometown?

I grew up just outside of Auckland – at the beach. It is beautiful and communal and the air is fresh. I love our sense of humor as kiwis and its so nice to head home to some peace and quiet.

What attracted you to Hollywood? It’s so far away from home!

Work! It’s very much the hub for film making and television and was much easier to get regular employment as an actor for me here.

Now you’re living out a fantasy many kids have had – playing the role of Tinker Bell! What’s it been like playing this Disney classic on Once Upon a Time?

It’s such an honor to play a fairy tale icon. I’m always taken aback when I think about how fortunate I am to be able to inhabit such a delightful character on this show. We have such a great cast and crew and I have been having a lot of fun. | Read full interview in our press archive

2014 | Canvas Magazine

Rose was once again featured in Weekend Herald’s Canvas Magazine home in New Zealand in 2014, following her debuts on American television with “Once Upon a Time” and “Masters of Sex”. The new spread featured what’s become one of Rose’s most popular photoshoots, a summer-y outdoor shoot by Lesley Bryce (outtakes from the shoot can be found in our gallery here). It included a lenghty interview, where they discussed Hollywood, her home town and her current projects.

“What’s funny is sometimes it’s so incremental that you don’t really notice that it’s all happening. For the first couple of years here, it was like, ‘Was this the right move?’ ‘What am I doing?’

Former Kiwi child actor Rose McIver has grabbed the much-hyped role of Tinker Bell in Once Upon a Time. She talks to Leena Tailor.

There was a roar of applause through Anaheim when Once Upon A Time creators Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horowitz uttered the name “Tinker Bell” at Disney convention D23.

“We may be meeting a certain fairy in Neverland this season …” teased Kitsis. “But you have to clap if you believe in her.”

At a gathering of the most die-hard Disney fanatics in the world, the words “Tinker Bell” are a big deal. Just weeks earlier at San Diego convention Comic-Con, both fans and media were abuzz when Kitsis and Horowitz made the big announcement, that the loved fairy was about to make her debut on the popular TV2 series.

The hype continued, leading up to her first appearance on the show, with ABC launching a huge social media campaign which saw “Oncers” around the US tweeting #TinkerBell in the week before her grand, glittery entrance.

On-screen, it was the highly-anticipated introduction of an iconic Disney character, but behind-the-scenes, the role marked a significant Kiwi coup in hard-to-crack Hollywood.

Not only was 25-year-old actress Rose McIver – and her New Zealand accent – the talk of one of the most popular shows in America, but two hours after her second episode went to air, she made her debut as single girl Vivian Scully on Showtime’s 1950s drama Masters of Sex, marking a rare accomplishment for any actress – bagging two regular primetime gigs on one of American television’s biggest nights. | Read full interview in our press archive

2014 | Regard Magazine [February]

In the February 2014 issue of Regard Magazine, Rose featured with a fun editorial shoot on location. Rose modeled wearing designs by Blaque Label, and discussed her projects “Masters of Sex” and “Once Upon a Time”.

I’m very nosy, and fascinated by how other people think and live. For me, acting had always been an opportunity to dive into other ways of life, and experience new perspectives.

You’re originally from new zealand and it seems like artists of various forms run in your blood. what was it about acting, specifically, that drew you to this business?
I’m very nosy, and fascinated by how other people think and live. For me, acting had always been an opportunity to dive into other ways of life, and experience new perspectives.

Fast forward to 2013, when you had a great year. You played the role of the Provost’ daughter, Vivian Scully, on Showtime’s Masters of Sex. What did you enjoy most about your character and playing alongside your cast members?
I loved playing this girl on the cusp of being a woman, who was so contrary in her thinking. In one turn, she would define herself as young, carefree and seeking experience, but in another, (like most of us do) Vivian craved love and security. I enjoyed helping Vivian, in seeking her sense of identity. The cast and the crew were fabulous. Allison Janney and Beau Bridges as ym mum and dad, are you kidding? Too lucky.

The last we saw from Vivian, was that she couldn’t get to the alter with Dr. Ethan Haas. Tell us more about the ending. Are we going to see her in the next season?
I think it’s an absolute godsend that Ethan broke up with Vivian. They would have been miserable together! No one likes to be second best. I hope Vivian comes into her own and that she is stronger for the experience. I’m hoping she will be around in the second season, I’m sure we will find out soon. the second season, I’m sure we will find out soon. | Read full interview in our press archive

2014 | MindfoodSTYLE Magazine

In 2014, MiNDFOOD Magazine launched a new child magazine, called MiNDFOOD Style. Our very own Rose got the honour of being their first cover girl! The photoshoot was done at the place of her childhood in Titirangi (NZ), and featured Rose is stunning designs by designers such as Christian Dior and Miu Miu. This was a style-focused feature, but it also included a short interview – and we got an exclusive “Making of” video with a lot of great footage (check it out below). The photoshoot outtakes can be found here.

Rose mciver is standing ankle-deep in french bay, arms outstretched, head thrown back and looking gorgeous in designer gown. She’s unfazed by the fact the temperature is less than suited to the amount of skin she has on display on our seaside photoshoot. This is her stomping ground, where she grew up; she knows the beach intimately. This can-do attitude is one of the reasons why she’s become popular with agents and directors in America and became the cover star of the launch issue of MiNDFOOD STYLE. For her role as Tinker Bell in television series Once Upon a Time McIver had to spend a lot of time “flying” in a harness. “It was so much fun to start off with but then my respect for stunties skyrocketed immensely for being able to stay in those things. You get quite beaten up,” says McIver. The 27 year old has been praised for her red-carpet style but credits Los Angeles stylist Devon Nuszer and make-up artist Aaron Barry for her successes. “They know I like to look good but I’m not good enough at seeing potential in things,” she says. “Devon has this amazing eye … and also collaborates with some of my New Zealand designer friends [Ruby, Liam, Juliette Hogan and Stolen Girlfriends Club].”

McIver admits she spent years “trying to dress like a model”. “Big baggy T-shirts and tight trousers don’t work for me so I like dresses or high-waisted pants. Things that embrace a bit more curve.” She has resisted pressure to pile on the make-up and designer garments, despite once being told she didn’t get a part because she wasn’t “Hollywood enough”. “There’s this thing in Hollywood where girls tend to be very dressed up, especially for auditions. They go the extra mile and they feel like they’re trained make-up artists but I’m not at all,” she says. “I’m so glad that [looking] approachable, like the girl-next-door, has ended up serving me in the long run in a way that looking glamourous doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy beautiful designer clothing, but I don’t think that’s part of my craft and I feel like that I haven’t had to compromise on that.” | Read full interview in our press archive