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Olivia Moore
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“I used to have ambition. I used to be passionate. Inspired. Alive. Now, I am mostly just hungry. “


Full name: Olivia Moore
Date of birth: November 13
Occupation: Assistant Medical Examiner (currently), Medical Resident (formerly)
Cause of death: Drowned/Zombie Attack (as a human)
Killed by: Blaine DeBeers (as a human)
Relatives: Eva Moore (mother), Evan Moore (brother)
Height: 5′ 2″
Weight: 121 lbs (55 kg)
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White
Skin: White

Olivia “Liv” Moore, M.D. is the main protagonist of iZombie. She is a medical resident who died and woke up as a zombie. As a result, at least once a month, she must feed on brains to survive. She took a job at the King County Medical Examiner’s Office in order to have access to the brains she needs. With each brain eaten, she absorbs new memories and traits. She then begins to solve the deaths of the victims whose brains she’s eaten. With the help of her boss, Dr. Ravi Chakrabarti, the only one who knows her secret. She also turns to Seattle PD Detective Clive Babineaux whom thinks these visions Liv has are psychic powers.

Liv was once a normal human young woman engaged to Major Lilywhite and working as a medical resident at the local hospital. When one night at a party that turned into a “zombie feeding frenzy” she was scratched by Blaine DeBeers, falls in the lake and dies, only to wake up in a body bag as a zombie herself. All of her loved ones believe her to be suffering from PTSD after the incident at the boat party, which changed Liv. In the aftermath of her becoming a zombie, Liv chooses to break off her engagement with Major in fear of also turning him into a zombie.

She is described as being a “disciplined, over-achieving medical resident who had her life path completely mapped out”. She is said to have had similar personality as her best friend Peyton, very energetic and having a type A personality. Peyton described her as being a force, an unstoppable, hyper focused, fireball.

Liv’s personality prior to her transormation into a zombie was characterised primarily by her fervent work-ethic and laser-focus on her academic and career advancement as well as her habit of planning out her entire life very early on. Despite this, Liv was still (and remains) a loyal friend and a devoted fiancee to Major and was an overall positive individual.

As a human Olivia was a rosy-cheeked young woman whom had long brown hair. She also had light blue eyes and pale skin, though not zombie-pale.

Since becoming a zombie her personality has drastically changed. She’s become less driven to do things and achieve goals due to having lost hope for her future since becoming a zombie. She’s also become less involved in the community and more reserved. However she has gotten very sarcastic.

In the aftermath of the zombie attack, Liv’s personality changed drastically as noted by her family and friends; she became withdrawn, monotone, apathetic, unambitious generally cold towards most everyone, made all the worse by the fact that she was unable to sleep. This was changed somewhat when Ravi revealed he knew her secret and that he was working on a cure for her condition; while she maintained a level of withdrawness, her sense of positivity was given a slight boost, she developed some new relationships and repaired some old ones.

Liv’s overall personality is now characterised by fluidity; because she consumes brains for a living, she undergoes regular personality changes that match to the victim from which she took it, from passionate and insightful to emotionally detached and merciless to overly-protective and maternal.

Liv has a sarcastic/sardonic and deadpan sense of humor for the most part since she is regularly on the receiving end of Ravi’s zombie jokes.

As a Zombie Liv has hair and skin that are so light they are practically white. Her eyes are also more red and have dark circles around them The way she dresses has almost become more dark and Goth because of the transformation.

Source / Credit: iZombie Wikipedia