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4×08: Chivalry is Dead
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I am Olivia of Seattle, the examiner of the examinent, the vision haver for the gods, the zombie of the festive festal. My lord asks that you lend an ear, and I ask that you make haste and gather around, for his will is my most sacred destiny!

Episode title: Chivalry is Dead
Original air date: April 23, 2018
Episode number: 8th of the season, 53rd overall
Written by: Bob Dearden, Sara Saedi, Talia Gonzalez, Bisanne Masoud
Directed by: Jason Bloom
Featured brains: LARPer (Live Action Role Player)
Previous episode: Don’t hate the player, hate the brain

Liv consumes the brain of a murdered live-action role-playing knight to solve his murder; Peyton uncovers a truth about Liv; Major embarks on a mission.

Episode Media

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Guest Starring

In “Chivalry is Dead”, we once again meet Renegades’ team, who with Liv as their new leader continues Mama Leone’s quest to save people with terminal illnesses by smuggling them into Seattle and turn them into zombies. The team consists of Levon (Daniel Bonjour), Suki (Melissa O’Neil) and Stan (Micah Steinke), as well as the new coyote Curtis (Samuel Patrick Chu). Towards the end of the episode we meet the terminally ill teenager Isobel (Izabela Vidovic), who will likely reappear in more episodes due to her possible immunity against the zombie virus.

As the big surprise of the episode, Stacey Boss (Eddie Jemison) has returned! And while we can’t stand Mr Boss, we’re still so happy to see him back on the show. He seems to be teaming up with Blaine and Don E for the moment, which can never be a good thing… We also meet their team member “Crybaby Carl” (Nemo Cartwright).

Our favorite detective Dale Bozzio (Jessica Harmon) makes a small appearance as usual, as she and Clive continues to struggle with their “non-exclusive” arrangement. While their relationship currently looks doomed, neither seem to want to let go just yet.

As for this week’s case, we meet a group of LARPers in Russ (Christopher Redman), Guinevere (Amanda Lisman), Minstrel (Matt Afonso) and Galahad/Steve (Curtis Tweedie).

Brain Food

We’re not exactly sure what Liv cooked in this episode, but she created a massive medieval feast for herself! Which made Ravi remind her they only had a half an hour Lunch break. You can check out how she prepared it, as well as the end result, in the GIF below.

Episode Trivia

Liv was in her human “tan & dye” costume for the entire episode, for the first time.

From the moment she ate the food, Liv remained in LARPer character for the whole episode, speaking medieval British.

Liv actually says the episode title for this episode in the previous episode, “Don’t hate the player, hate the brain”. When they come across a box of condoms at the crime scene, she tells Ravi and Clive “And they say Chivalry is dead”.

The new actress who play Isobel, Izabela Vidovic, once played the daughter of Daniel Bonjour (Levon) in “Find me” (2012).

Rose, David Anders (Blaine), and Giacomo Baessato (Russ Roche) all previously appeared on Once Upon a Time (2011).

When figuring how Garrett Drexel died, Ravi suggests, “time travel murder”, which could be a reference to DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (2016) which deals about time travel which also airs on The CW.

Comic Slides


Liv: Fear not my lord, for both my sword and my life is yours
Clive: You don’t have a sword. Or a life, if we’re being technical.

Liv: I am Olivia of Seattle, the examiner of the examinent, the vision haver for the gods, the zombie of the festive festal. My lord asks that you lend an ear, and I ask that you make haste and gather around, for his will is my most sacred destiny!

Don E.: Stop requesting songs about tractors and cold beer. You’re making everyone wish they were more dead.

Angus: The meals on the bus go down, down, down!

Episode Style: Liv’s Looks

Episode Reviews

Here you can find several different episode reviews for episode 4×08.

Den of Geek: iZombie walks a tricky tonal balance. Sometimes, it walks the line between brain-of-the-week comedy and end-of-the-world depression improbably well. And, sometimes, we have to watch Liv use a Ren Faire accent for an entire episode. It’s not that Rose McIver doesn’t do a great LARPer, but iZombie pushes the surrealism too far with this week’s murder-of-the-week plot. While the motivation, crime, and episode-ending twist are interesting ones, it’s actually unbelievable that any of these LARPers would stay committed to character upon discovering that their friend and fellow LARPer was murdered. They’re into a little light fantasy role-playing; they’re still, you know, people. The same can be said for Liv, who usually can turn off her brain a bit during her most serious moments. Here, she stays committed to the accent and persona at all moments, even when she is turning humans into zombies in her role as Renegade. That’s… a lot. Even if it’s believeable that Liv would be so far gone on a brain that she would fully commit to her role, it’s hard to imagine that the other coyotes would continue to accept Liv’s erratic and often disrespectful behavior. Liv is a mensch, but they haven’t know her very long. | Read Full Review

TV Fanatic: What a cliffhanger! Overall, iZombie Season 4 Episode 8 was a rather bland hour as far progressing the storylines. The best parts of the hour plot-wise were the first and last five minutes. We need to talk about Peyton and Isobel! There are a handful of ways Peyton and Liv’s friendship could play out after the cliffhanger on iZombie Season 4 Episode 7. Peyton has often been the one who balances put Liv by being logical and rational. She’s a quintessential lawyer in that way. As a lawyer and advocate for the law and justice, the last thing I expected was for her to want to join Liv’s underground human-smuggling operation. That was the second shocking part of the hour. You know what? I LOVE this! For so long Peyton has come across as the killjoy of their group. She also has the unfortunate displeasure of being left out of most of the crucial plots because she doesn’t work with Liv or live with Major. In this case, she’s allowed to be Liv’s partner-in-crime, quite literally, for one of the most significant quests Liv has had on the series to date. It’s fitting that her first and best friend of the series is by her side for this. She’s keeping her other life as Renegade secret from everyone else, and she needs to be able to bounce ideas off of someone. Perhaps it shouldn’t be that surprising that Peyton would forego everything she typically stands for to aide Liv and her band of coyotes. It’s coming off of that grating meeting she had with Chase and Major where it finally hit her that working for the Mayor of New Seattle doesn’t mean shite when the only one in the city with power is Chase. | Read Full Review

TV Overmind: | During iZombie‘s three-plus seasons, the nerdy brains that Liv has eaten have often ended up being some of the most entertaining. Throughout the years, we’ve seen her consume magician brain, superhero brain, and (Who could forget?) Dungeons and Dragons brain, and while not every single one of those episodes have been the series’ greatest, they’ve still been filled with plenty of enjoyable comedic moments. Of those hours, including tonight’s installment, “Chivalry Is Dead,” Season 3’s “Twenty-Sided Die” remains the best, and while this week’s LARPer-brain episode doesn’t quite live up to those heights, it’s still another strong hour of iZombie, another highlight in what has easily been the show’s most creatively ambitious season yet.

But as we’ve seen in past seasons, iZombie‘s ambition can sometimes get the better of the stories it’s telling. The series is known to bite off a little more than it can chew when it comes to sheer number of plots and characters, and as of right now, bringing Stacey Boss back to Seattle to look for money that Peyton has just stolen feels like it might be one story too many for Season 4, which is already juggling so many different new characters, rules, and storylines. Eddie Jemison is terrific as this character and pairing Boss with Blaine and Don E. works perfectly well for both plot and character reasons (The three of them trying to decide if one particular human is dead or still alive during the zombie attack on the prison bus is one of the funniest things iZombie has done all season long). However, with Blaine already butting heads with his father and Chase Graves, do we need another familiar foe of his to complicate matters even more? Plus, putting Peyton on Boss’s radar could feel like a rehash of stories we’ve already seen in the show’s second and third seasons, unless the writers really shake things up. If iZombie is going to swing for the fences this season and give us more twists and turns than ever before, I’d rather see the show do it with new characters and fresh storylines instead of turning back to areas it’s already covered before.Read Full Review

Keith Loves Movies: This week of iZombie balances humor with some serious moments as Liv eats the brain of a Renaissance live-action role-player and deals with an unusual situation in her role as the new Renegade. At the end of last week’s episode, Peyton caught Liv printing out IDs and learns about her human smuggling operation. Instead of being angry, Peyton offers to help Liv out–but Liv tells her all they really need is money. Taking this request seriously, she visits someone in prison and offers to transfer him to a better one in exchange for his help. Liv, Clive, and Ravi head to a crime scene where the victim, Garrett, is adorned in a knight costume. As always, Liv whips up a dish to devour the brains of the victim and begins speaking like an elegant, fair lady. In order to learn more about the victim, Clive and Liv head to Garrett’s LARP group to interview other members of the group. They learn that all the members thought Garrett was a zombie because he left to be a part of a zombie LARP group. However, Liv and Ravi know from the autopsy that he was not actually a zombie. Meanwhile, Liv gets a call from a girl that needs to be smuggled into Seattle–her coyote disappeared and she has been waiting for him.| Read Full Review

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