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iZombie – Season one (2015)
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A complete list of all iZombie episodes from season one, with a synopsis, some information and link to screencaptures and episode stills in our gallery. For a complete episode summary, trivia, filming details, graphics and more of a certain episode, click the “more information” button.

“I don’t have post-traumatic stress,” Liv said about being undead. “I have post-traumatic ennui. Post-traumatic defeatism. Post-traumatic ‘what’s the point?'”


Episode 1, Season 1: “Pilot” 
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Original Air date March 17, 2015, Directed by Rob Thomas, Written by Rob Thomas & Diane Ruggiero-Wright

Having been transformed into a zombie during a boat party and forced to give up on her old dreams and family ties, Liv Moore finds herself assisting rookie Detective Clive Babineaux in the investigation of a murdered Romanian prostitute when her boss, Ravi, introduces her as a psychic after she has a flash of insight about the victim based on the consumed brains. Meanwhile, Liv struggles to keep her undead existence a secret from her roommate Peyton as well as her former fiancé Major.

Episode 2, Season 1: “Brother, Can You Spare a Brain?” 
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Original Air date March 24, 2015, Directed by John Kretchmer, Written by Diane Ruggiero-Wright

Liv develops a painting obsession when she eats the brain of a murdered artist that Clive is investigating. Liv also encounters another zombie for the first time in the form of the drug-dealer, Blaine DeBeers, who was unintentionally responsible for her transformation. Blaine asks that Liv supply him with brains from the morgue, but Liv quickly begins to distrust him. Blaine then kills his former drug dealing contacts as well as infects a woman that he picks up from a local bar.

Episode 3, Season 1: “The Exterminator” 
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Original Air date March 31, 2015, Directed by: Michael Fields, Story by: Rob Thomas, Teleplay by: Graham Norris & Lee Arcuri

While investigating the murder of a sociopath hitman, Liv becomes emotionally distant after eating his brain, causing her to make increasingly morally questionable decisions which includes interfering with Peyton’s court case as well as bad-mouthing Clive’s investigation. Meanwhile, Liv and Ravi discover another zombie hidden away who happens to be Marcy, Liv’s old work friend. With Marcy having regressed to a ‘standard’ zombie mentality, Ravi hopes that providing her with food will help him determine a cure for Liv. Also, Blaine continues his quiet killing spree across Seattle and his latest victim is a friend of Major.

Episode 4, Season 1: “Liv and Let Clive” 
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Original Air date April 7, 2015, Directed by John Kretchmer, Written by Kit Boss

When her latest brain causes Liv to experience a flash of Clive apparently brutally assaulting a gang member, she begins to suspect that he is a dirty cop. Meanwhile, Blaine’s new operation hits a stumbling block when two of his men attempt to set up shop for themselves.

Episode 5, Season 1: “Flight of the Living Dead” 
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Original Air date April 14, 2015, Directed by David Warren , Deirdre Mangan

A skydiving trip turns into a disaster when Holly White (Tasya Teles), an ex-sorority student and Liv’s friend, is found dead and a fellow skydiver accuses one person, Lowell Tracy (Bradley James). Reluctantly, Liv eats Holly’s brains to find out the truth, which leads to a vision when a Facebook video shows Holly being pressured by Tracy. Liv asks Babineaux to pursue Holly’s death as a new case, to which he agrees, even though it is not listed as a homicide. He interrogates the witness Tracy, a singer, and they find out the GoPro footage was deleted. Other witnesses include Ren Smith (Blair Penner), an athlete with a sponsorship deal from the energy drink company Max Rager, Eliza Marquette (Summer Bishil), an executive at Max Rager who claims the footage was deleted on account of graphic images, and Carson McComb (Ryan Hansen), a pro snowboarder. Liv has a vision of McComb which implies that he is in an intimate relationship with Smith. Later, Babineaux manages to get the case listed as a homicide, due to a prescription of GHB. Liv attends a memorial for Holly, in which the team asks Liv to leave, to no effect. Liv discovers Lowell is a zombie, with him hitting on her in the process. McComb is accused of obtaining the drug, where he reveals that Eliza is the real killer.

Episode 6, Season 1: “Virtual Reality Bites” 
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Original Air date April 21, 2015, Directed by Dermott Downs, Written by Gloria Calderon Kellett

Liv’s newly-acquired hacking skills may be the key to cracking their latest case when a reclusive hacker known for posting critical reviews is murdered, but she also has to deal with the victim’s agoraphobia.

Episode 7, Season 1: “Maternity Liv” 
Episode Screencaptures | Episode Stills | More Information
Original Air date April 28, 2015, Directed by Patrick Norris, Written by Bob Dearden

When a young pregnant woman is found by campers murdered, Liv develops strong maternal instincts while trying to investigate the case. Meanwhile, Major’s investigations into the missing persons become complicated when he inadvertently alienates Clive and his own efforts at detective work result in him being arrested.

Episode 8, Season 1: “Dead Air” 
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Original Air date May 5, 2015, Directed by Zetna Fuentess, Written by Aiyana White

When a radio host known for relationship straight talk is murdered on air, a rival show host is suspect. Liv applies the host’s uncompromising psychological insight to those around her, making Clive annoyed and Ravi uncomfortable. Peyton and Ravi spark up a moment when they cross paths unexpectedly while seeking to get Major released from jail. Liv repeatedly tries to convince Ravi that Peyton is not his type even while Liv’s relationship with Lowell heats up. While treating the tested lab rat, Ravi gets bitten. On the elevator on the way out from the apartment of Lowell, Liv sees Blaine from down below holding a delivery. Liv gets a vision of Jerome in the car of Blaine.

Episode 9, Season 1: “Patriot Brains” 
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Original Air date May 12, 2015, Directed by Guy Bee, Written by Robert Forman

A retired elite sniper turned paintball instructor is found dead during a game and the prime suspects are his ex-wife and her new husband. Ravi is relieved to discover the infection cannot jump across species. The Candyman attacks Major at his home, but flees after being repeatedly shot. Liv confronts Lowell about the brains that he purchases from Blaine and decides Blaine should die. When Liv decides to not go with the plan, Lowell attempts to kill Blaine himself, but ends up being shot in the head instead.

Episode 10, Season 1: “Mr. Berserk” 
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Original Air date May 19, 2015, Directed by Jason Bloom, Written by Deirdre Mangan & Graham Norris

After Blaine kills Lowell, Liv is taken into custody and is questioned by the police. Lt. Suzuki cuts the interrogation short and orders the case closed as a suicide. Meanwhile, a reporter who is working on the missing children case is found dead. The murder leads to a bigger conspiracy involving the Max Rager energy drink company, which is the suspected cause of the zombie outbreak. As Liv is closing in on the truth, a company “enforcer” named Sebastian, attacks Liv and, unaware that she is a zombie, attempts to drown her and fails. Major, who believes he is going crazy, admits himself for psychiatric help, but finds himself inadvertently nearing the truth.

Episode 11, Season 1: “AstroBurger” 
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Original Air date May 26, 2015, Directed by Michael Fields, Written by Kit Boss

After being admitted into the mental institute, Major finds his chess buddy murdered in his bath. Major explains to Liv that Scott was delusional to the point that he thought he was always being chased by the devil, and Liv realizes that Scott was a witness to the Lake Washington incident. Further investigation results in Liv finding that Blaine was in contact with Scott, and that Scott had recorded the whole incident at the lake on his phone. While Ravi succeeds in finding a cure on his test rat, Major, deciding to check himself out of the institute to search for the phone, steals Blaine’s brains supply and declares to a horrified Liv that he will kill every zombie he finds.

Episode 12, Season 1: “Dead Rat, Live Rat, Brown Rat, White Rat” 
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Original Air date June 2, 2015, Directed by Mairzee Almas, Written by Diane Ruggiero-Wright

In a flashback to the evening of his fight with Liv, Sebastian awakens as a zombie, having been infected by Liv’s blood, and attacks a group of local rockband players who hit him with their stolen car, killing one of them. Two weeks later, Liv and Clive investigate the murder; Liv, after consuming the victim’s brain, develops her old high-school persona. Liv is taken aback when she realizes that Sebastian is undead and that she is the reason for his condition. When Sebastian shows up at Liv’s apartment to kill her, he attacks a defenseless Peyton. Liv soon arrives; in the ensuing fight, both of them sink into “full-on zombie mode”, and Liv is able to kill him before the eyes of a horrified Peyton. Liv finally reveals to her that she is a zombie, and Peyton abandons her. Meanwhile, Ravi’s experiment fails when the zombie rat dies, but he restarts his experiment. Major, meanwhile, decides to infiltrate Blaine’s meatshop only to be captured; Liv’s brother, dropping off an application, is hired by Blaine as his new errand boy. An unknown individual begins killing off the remaining rockband players responsible for hitting Sebastian.

Episode 13, Season 1: “Blaine’s World” 
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Original Air date June 9, 2015, Directed by Michael Fields, Written by Rob Thomas

Liv and Clive continue to investigate the rock band killings after Teresa is found murdered. They focus their attention once more on the Max Rager corporation where they finally meet the CEO Vaughn Du Clark who denies anything to do with the murders and also maintains that the killer, Sebastian Meyer, has not worked at the company for several months. But afterwards, it’s revealed that Vaughn is indeed aware of the existence of zombies which is the result of the Max Rager energy drinks mixed with the Utopium drug, and on top of that, he is determined to continue producing a new Super Max energy drink. Meanwhile, Ravi thinks that he might have finally solved the mystery of the zombie virus and gives Liv an experimental ‘antidote’ hoping that it might cure her. Also, Major finds himself in a precarious position when he is held captive in a freezer locker by Blaine, who tries to force him to reveal where the stolen brains are located.