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3×03: Eat, Pray, Liv
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“The lightness and clarity of mindfulness will help us solve the case.


Episode title: Eat, Pray, Liv
Original air date: April 18, 2017
Episode number: 3rd of the season, 35th overall
Written by: Diane Ruggiero
Directed by: Mairzee Almas
Featured brains: Zen Guru Brain (Liv), Zumba Instructor Brain (Major & Justin)
Previous episode: Zombie Knows Best

To help Clive solve the murder of a lifestyle guru, Liv consumes his brain and takes on his zen approach to life. Ravi’s old boss, Katty Kupps, is getting closer to discovering the truth while also getting closer to Ravi. Meanwhile, Blaine and Peyton continue their budding friendship, much to Ravi’s dismay. Lastly, Major is struggling a bit at his new job.

Episode Media

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Guest Starring

We once again got to meet Blaine’s dad, Angus, played by Robert Knepper. He first shows up at Blaine’s work, without telling him who he is. Their relationship is first revealed to Blaine when Peyton arrives and informs him he is talking with his own father. We also see Don E. (Bryce Hodgson) again, who is now working with Angus. Creating quite a bit of comedy, as the two are an excellent pairing – the complete opposites!

Dr. Katty Kupps (Christina Cox) returns again, and this time she arrives at the morgue with a big luggage. It looks like she’s staying for some time! Ravi was Katty’s subordinate at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention until she fired him. Katty made her debut appearance in Season 3 premiere, in which she showed up at Ravi’s morgue to examine the body of one of the victims of the Max Rager massacre. While examining the body, Katty found parts of human’s brain in the victim’s digestive track. She also noticed that the victim’s flesh looked like he’s been dead for a much longer time even though the massacre only took place three days ago. Now she has discovered yet another body that’s similar – and this person was even at the Max Rager boat party! She is now getting closer to discovering the truth about zombies…

We also meet DJ-turned-zombie-mercenary Justin, who Major invites home to try a real brain (and not just the mashed up ones which cause no visions or personality traits like they are given). The two eats a Zumba instructor brain, and have a big dance off battle! He seems to really hit it off with Liv – and we’ll probably see more of him this season.

Other guest stars include Mike Dopud as AK Fortesan, Farrah Aviva as Ladybird, Mark Ghanime as Devon, Joel Johnstone as Mitch Davis, Aidan Kahn as Zack and James Neate as Topher.

Episode Trivia & Notable moments
  • We get to see Liv dance again! She interrupts Major and Justin’s dance battle, and joins in herself.
  • Ravi tells Peyton he is in love with her – in front of the whole gang.
  • Blaine takes Ravi’s possible cure against the memory loss
  • When preparing her brain food, Liv makes her and Ravi chai lattes. She accidentally gives Ravi the one with the brain, and takes his almond milk Chai Latte instead. Luckily for Ravi, Liv takes the first zip, and switches before any harm is done.
  • The title for the episode was inspired by Julia Roberts movie: eat, pray, love.
Brain Food

In this episode, Liv ate her brain in a Chai latte.

Episode Quotes

Devon: You know, a few nights before Topher’s murder, I walked into my home, and I had the sense that someone had broken in.
Clive: “The sense”?
Devon: The positive energy had been completely obstructed. I know how that sounds. *shouts* Ladybird! You remember what I said about my house a few nights ago?
Ladybird: You mean when your positive energy was obstructed?
Clive: That’s not a thing.
Liv:You’re doing it right now…
Clive: Give us a second.

Clive:[CLEARS THROAT] We are on a stakeout, and your eyes are closed.
Liv: You know, you’d be calmer if you lived in the moment.
Clive: I am. This moment is about finding a witness to help solve a case.
Liv: The lightness and clarity of mindfulness will help us solve the case.
Clive: Oh, yeah, when? You haven’t had any visions. Name one thing this brain’s done to help catch the killer.
Liv: Can we get over this fixation of who did what, when?
Clive: It’s a murder investigation!
Liv: Filling with sunlight.

Liv: Your text freaked me out. “Get over here stat. “?
Major: We’re on Zumba instructor brain.
Liv: That explains a lot. *Looks at Justin* I hope you’re a zombie, or the snacks here may have been more than you bargained for.
Major: *whispers* – And we saved you some. –
Liv: I can’t.
Major: Oh, boo.
Liv: That said, I don’t need Zumba brain to kick your asses.

Clive:: You start growing that beard once you figured out how you were going to kill your old business partner, Topher? A witness saw you hiding the bloody shoes in the dumpster.
Liv: Shoes you stole from Devon’s house, totally obstructing his positive energy.

Episode Style: Liv’s looks

Episode Reviews

Liv’s zen guru brain was fun, but the most notable moments this week came from Blaine realizing he was running out of options, Blaine possibly having to confront his past, and Ravi botching things up in a big way. Meanwhile, iZombie continues to be one of the most likable and funny shows on TV, with an episode like this spotlighting how easy it is to invest in these characters. | IGN (Click to read full review)

This was not a good week for our friend Ravi Chakrabarti. He might be both anecdotally and canonically The Best, but Ravi’s flaws were on full display as he continues to reel from the revelation that Peyton and Blaine slept together.

Even writing out the reason that Ravi is so out of sorts is tough to take, because although it is realistic that he would be so upset by the one-two punch of learning this fact and then having to sit by while Blaine saved Peyton’s life, him actually being this visibly upset about what Peyton chooses to do with her own body and life is incredibly cringe inducing. But it’s the juxtaposition of knowing Ravi is mentally spiraling over something that’s none of his business, while still somehow sympathizing with him because we know he’s a good person who’s just put himself in a terrible mental place, that ultimately makes the story work.| A.V. Club (Click to read full review)

How do you solve a problem like fatal zombie sydrome? Ravi, Major, and the rest of Team Zombie is dealing with that question as Major spirals ever closer to his undead death on iZombie. Surprisingly, Major is the character who seems to be handling it best. Or at least better than Ravi who, to be fair, tends to be casually asked to save the human race on a season-to-season basis.

In Season 3, that pressure seems to be getting to Ravi. (As is the Blaine/Peyton relationship.) In “Eat, Pray, Liv,” we see a jealous Ravi bully Blaine into taking the serum that could cure his memory loss. (That is, if Blaine isn’t faking — which, personally, I am still not sure of.) Desperate jealousy is not a good look on Ravi. Though his description of all of the terrible things Blaine has done may be accurate and fair (especially if he is faking), the way he has treated Peyton since her near death experience is not cool. When she calls him out on making her kidnapping and PTSD about him, she isn’t wrong. | Den of Geek (Click to read full review)

As far as brains go, Zen brain was pretty darn dull. In fact, most of the case was a bit of a bore. By the time they revealed the murderer, I had forgotten most of the facts about the case. I wanted Liv to jump in on that Zumba instructor brain just so she could keep having dance-offs with Major and Justin. Good times, right there. So much cuteness. Anyway, there were laugh out loud moments related to the case, so there’s always that. Like Clive choosing to go into the dumpster himself because he didn’t want to subject a uniform to the dirty deed. | TV Fanatic (Click to read full review)

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