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3×04: Wag the Tongue Slowly
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“I believe God is a woman, so you’re really screwed.”


Episode title: Wag the Tongue Slowly
Original air date: April 25, 2017
Episode number: 4th of the season, 36th overall
Written by: Kit Boss
Directed by: Viet Nguyen
Featured brains: Ultimate Office Gossip
Previous episode: Eat, Pray, Liv

Clive’s patience is tested when Liv consumes the brain of a murder victim who had the reputation of being the ultimate office gossip. Meanwhile, Blaine and Peyton continue to grow closer as they wait to see if Ravi (Rahul Kohli) is able to reverse the effects of the cure. Lastly, Major is one step away from fulfilling a promise.

Episode Media

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Guest Starring

In “Wag the Tongue Slowly”, Major finally finds back Natalie, who he has been searching for ever since they rescued all the other Chaos Killer vistims at Max Wager. Natalie is played by Brooke Lyons, and it seems we’ll be seeing more of her this season! Major handed her the cure, offering her a life free from being a zombie. But will it be worth losing her memories? We don’t get to see if she takes the cure or not, but she was definitely interested…

The murder victim this episode was a major office gossip, Cheryl Warren (played by Fiona Hogan). She annoyed everyone at the office with her non-stop gossip, but despite the many complaints, they couldn’t fire her because of her great sale numbers. She had in one way or another complicated the lives of almost everyone at the office – but who was mad enough to kill her? She was killed by Utopium in her yoghurt.

We also met Pete Aboud (played by Graeme McComb), who it turns out was tried framed for the murder. The killers this episode were Rhonda (Yolanda Pecoraro), who used to be in porn, Jim Davies (Gregory Calpakis), who had his marriage ruined by Cheryl, and Vicky Ernst (Alison Matthews), who had her promotion torpedoed by Cheryl. They were only planning on giving Cheryl a scare, but it resulted in her death.

We also briefly saw Detective Cavanaugh (Robert Salvador) and Lieutenant Devore (Marci T. House) again – and we get a suspicion that they might be more than just colleagues…

Brain Food

In this episode, Liv prepared her brains in a Southwestern Chicken Hotpot “Ready to serve in 2 minutes” casserole.

Episode Trivia & Notable moments
  • Goof: When Clives types the gun range name in the search browser, the website URL is already in the address bar.
  • Gameplay of Destiny and Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor are shown in this episode.
  • Rose held an #AskRose on twitter during the airing of this episode. She was asked “Why is #iZombie the best zombie show on TV?”, and replied “Whole families can watch it together which I love”.
  • Malcolm also replied questions on twitter during this episode. When asked what he loved about working with Rose, he replied “So many things, but I love it when she incorporates inside jokes on set into a character during a take. It’s cracks us all up.” To this, Rose replied “Ah so you mean my unprofessionalism? *kissing emoji*”
  • This episode aired on Rose’s father’s birthday! Before the episode aired, she tweeted “And I’d like to wish this guy a big happy birthday. Poses like a champ. Another year wiser. Love you dad x”
  • Like with the previous 3 episodes, Rose and the cast livetweeted both costs for this episode.
  • The episode scored a viewers count of 0.970 (millions). This was 28.82% more than the previous episode.
Comic Slides

Here’s all the comic scene intros from the episode. Click the comics below to view them animating into the scene!

Episode Quotes

LIV: Morning, boys. Any old memories yet?
BLAINE: Not yet.
RAVI: It’s still too soon.
BLAINE: Hey, thanks for coming out to the show last night. And for only yelling “Freebird!” like, a dozen times.
LIV: Yeah, nice set.

LIV: But let’s review the facts, shall we? First, you tell Peyton that you’re in love with her, leaving her confused and speechless, and then you take home your old boss for a drunken hate-bonk. And when Peyton shows up to say that she’s ready to take a chance on Pavi or Rayton or whatever it is that you two would call yourselves, you kiss her, while your latest conquest is in the next room. Not good.
RAVI:I know.
LIV (To Ravi): Also.. I believe God is a woman, so you’re really screwed.

CLIVE: Here’s the latest on the Tuttle-Reid murders. I printed all the zombie-related comments from that online message board. Here’s your half.
LIV:: Yeah, I’ll get right on that. What do you think Cavanaugh and Devore are talking about in there?
CLIVE: Probably the same thing we are, the Tuttle-Reid murders.
LIV: Oh.

Episode Style: Liv’s looks

Episode Reviews

AVClub: “Wag The Tongue Slowly” is one of those episodes designed to inch everything just a little bit forward. Typically these are considered place-setting episodes, there to set the stage for events to come in the future and not much more. Somehow, this episode manages to feel like not just place-setting, even when that’s almost exactly what most of it is. iZombie has a way of inching things forward while still keeping it entertaining.

Last week dropped a big bomb on the brewing Ravi, Peyton, and Blaine love triangle situation, and this episode doesn’t shy away from the aftermath. Ravi spends most of the episode alternately hungover, depressed, and angry, but the show somewhat wisely uses his misery as a source of humor rather than really asking the audience to feel sympathy. It turns out angry, sad, hungover Ravi is pretty funny, especially when he’s interacting with Major. (At this point, anyone interacting with Major is at least 33% funnier by association.) Liv also gets the chance to stick up for her best friend by not letting Ravi off the hook for his bad behavior, while still being a friend to him by not being too unkind. | Read Full Review

Den of A Geek: iZombie is really getting its Murder of the Week/Ongoing Plots ratio right this season. While some of “Wag the Tongue Slowly” was structured around the unintentional murder of an office gossip, the episode did a lot of work moving forward the larger plots that we really care about. Let’s talk iZombie Season 3… Major truly is the Little Character That Could. What could have been a role defined by its love interest-ness, Major has long been one of the most interesting parts of this show. While Liv’s character suffers from the inconsistencies that come with her brain-personalities, Major is a constant. Constantly running into danger to help others. Sure, going off on a mercenary mission without a dose of the zombie cure is just plain stupid, but giving his first zombie cure to Natalie is exactly the kind of selflessness we have come to expect from this character. | Read Full Review

TVOM: After last week’s underwhelming installment, iZombie rebounds nicely with tonight’s stellar episode, an hour that blends and balances all of the main characters’ stories together in a way that “Eat, Pray, Liv” failed to do. Like last Tuesday’s episode, there’s a lot going in “Wag the Tongue Slowly,” from Liv and Clive pursuing new suspects for the murders of Wally and his family to Major doing his best to rescue Natalie to Peyton and Blaine continuing to grow closer. However, unlike “Eat, Pray, Liv,” which sidelined characters like Liv and Clive in order to give Ravi, Peyton, and Blaine more screen time, this week’s iZombie uses its running time quite efficiently, providing enough room for the episodic stories to breathe while also pushing many of this season’s more over-arching plots forward.

There are still some minor issues to be found in “Wag the Tongue Slowly,” and they mainly have to do with how events unfold with the Ravi/Peyton/Blaine love triangle, which continues to be iZombie Season 3’s sole weak spot. Thankfully, the show’s writers (and its characters) don’t let Ravi off the hook for his scummy behavior at the end of last week’s episode, as Liv calls him out on just how misguided his actions were. | Read Full Review

TV Fanatic: Gossip Liv was a pain in the ass for everyone else, namely Ravi, but she was certainly entertaining to watch. On iZombie Season 3 Episode 4, Liv and Clive had to figure out who killed Cheryl, the office gossip, and the list of suspects was as long as Cheryl’s Complaint file was wide. Clive has adjusted quite well to his zombie partner’s personality changes. The moment he figured out that Cheryl was the gossip, and that explained why Liv was being so darn nosy and gossiping about other detectives in the precinct, was definitely worth a chuckle.

Apparently, no secret was safe when Cheryl found out. She cost Vikki a promotion, exposed the affair her male colleague had with another man, thus breaking up his marriage, and revealed the fact that Rhonda used to be a porn star. The latter is what contributed to Liv and Clive figuring out just how Cheryl died. After sorting through text messages on the company phones, they figured out that Tom and Vikki were in communication, and therefore they were the ones responsible for setting off the fire alarm and getting everyone else out of the office. | Read Full Review

The Workprint: This week on iZombie Ravi continues in a downward spiral, Major goes all Man of La Mancha, and I am officially a Blayton shipper. Crime of the Week: Finally, for the first time this season, iZombie presents us with an entertaining and intriguing “Crime of the Week.” The victim: Cheryl, The DentelCo. office gossip queen. The cause of death: Utopium laced yogurt. Cheryl wasn’t just “a gossip.” It’s not like she wanted to be in on the latest stories and couldn’t keep her mouth shut. She sought out this information with mal intent. She found out about Rhonda’s past in the adult film industry and then sent those videos to coworkers. Not only is this a vicious act, but I am pretty sure it is considered sexual harassment in the workplace.

This case was a difficult case for Liv and Clive because the evidence wasn’t lining up, which meant that they had to do detective work together. Yay! Teamwork makes the dream work! In the end, what helped them crack the case was Rhonda and her former life in the adult industry. | Read Full Review

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