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3×05: Spanking the Zombie
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“Someone’s asking to be punished.”


Episode title: Spanking The Zombie
Original air date: May 2, 2017
Episode number: 5th of the season, 37th overall
Written by: Sara Saedi
Directed by: Tessa Blake
Featured brains: Dominatrix
Previous episode: Wag The Tongue Slowly

When Liv consumes the brains of a dominatrix, her bossy and controlling personality makes everyone a little uncomfortable, especially Clive. Meanwhile, Blaine and Peyton have a heart-to-heart.

Episode Media

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Guest Starring

To our big delight, two of our old favorite characters returned this episode! First one being the Police Department’s sketch artist, Jimmy, played by Ryan Beil. He has had to work with Liv twice in the past, both time being hilarious! First time as a very passionate painter, who would describe the suspects with the most intense and descriptive metaphors. Second time high, and not the easiest to co-operate with! Jimmy probably still have nightmares from his two previous meetings with her, showing clear discomfort second time around. But it seemed he quite liked Liv on dominatrix brain – he even asked Clive if she was single… We sure hope to see him back, as the comedy between him and Liv is hilarious! The second old fan favorite who appeared in this episode again was Johnny Frost, played by Daran Norris. He’s once again a suspect in the investigation, which is becoming quite a tradition for whenever the victim is a hooker, stripper or now – a dominatrix!

We also met Justin again (Tongayi Chirisa), Our favorite villan Don E. (Bryce Hodgson), Detective Cavanaugh (Robert Salvador), Brandt Stone (Ken Marino) and Vivian Stoll (Andrea Savage). For the full list of co-stars this episode, check out IMDB here.

Brain Food

In this episode, Liv hammered the Brain like a beef, made a steak out of it and ate it with a sauce.

Full Episode Recap Warning: Spoilers

The episode begins with Major on the battlefield. He begins coughing. He and Justin make their way to safety, but Major gets shot 35 times.

Ravi and Liv talk about how to solve the problem of Major dying. Clive comes in and asks for help with a case of a murdered dominatrix, Roxanne. Liv says she can’t eat the brain because the body was cremated, but Ravi reveals that he kept the brain to use to test his memory cure. Liv reluctantly eats it.

Clive and Liv inspect the dominatrix’s dungeon. They find an open window and a hidden camera with the memory card missing. Liv looks at a leather mask and suddenly gets a vision – the dominatrix with D.A. Floyd Baracus, a zombie who is running for mayor.

Justin helps patch Major up, then goes to meet with his visiting family. The commanding officer comes in and loads something into a large freezer. When the officer leaves, Major looks inside, and finds severed bodies of other soldiers.

Liv and Clive find Baracus greeting voters at a diner. Liv reveals that she’s seeing all of Roxanne’s clients, but she doesn’t recognize any of them.

Liv and Clive go up to Baracus. Liv starts making sexual innuendos, and Clive suggests they talk in private.

Clive tells Baracus about Roxanne’s murder and questions his alibi.

Liv talks to the police sketch artist, Jimmy, who questions why he’s needing to draw nine different sketches. Liv uses her dominatrix personality to get him to agree to do it.

Liv gets another vision, of Roxanne with the local anchorman.

Liv and Clive interrogate the anchorman, Johnny, who reveals that he has frequented Roxanne’s establishment, but that he didn’t kill her.

Liv and Clive leave the interrogation room and are confronted by Cavanaugh, who chastises them for going after Harley Johns and interfering with his case. He reveals that Johns was stalking Wally’s family’s house the night before the murder. Liv and Clive suggest that they get Filmore Graves to reach out to Johns.

Liv explains the situation with Johns to Vivian and Filmore Graves’ board. Liv gets another vision, and goes to Jimmy for help.

In the hallway, Liv sees Brandt Stone and is triggered to a vision of him with Roxanne. Clive confirms his alibi, but Liv continues to be sexually aggressive until Stone agrees to answer more questions. Stone asks how Liv and Clive know so much about Roxanne’s business, and asks if there are videos of her sessions. Clive doesn’t confirm or deny it.

Don-E has a bad day working at the zombie bar. He overhears a drug dealer on the street, and reveals that he still has some of the Utopium supply. He takes the drug dealer back to the bar and they dance around. Don-E asks if the guy wants to be a zombie, and he says yes.

Liv and Clive look through criminal records to try to find the peeping tom from Roxanne’s establishment. Johnny comes in, represented by Stone. They offer up evidence in exchange for their innocence.

Johnny shares an explicit video of his session with Roxanne, that was sent to him by a blackmailer. Stone explains that the blackmailer is asking for more money, and asks Clive and Liv to be there for the exchange.

Harley Johns meets with Vivian at Filmore Graves. They offer a severance check for Harley’s brother’s death, in exchange for him answering a few questions. While they question Harley about his zombie theories, a few of the soldiers bug Harley’s car. Harley tells Filmore Graves that he and his anti-zombie army are on a mission to stop the virus from spreading.

Liv meets with the Filmore Graves executives. They realize that Harley is going to hunt all the victims of the Chaos Killer, and that they need to protect them.

Liv arrives at the drop site and pretends to be on a walk with Ravi. Johnny holds an envelope, which is snatched out of his hand by a guy on a bike. Clive, disguised as an ice cream man, stops him and arrests him.

Back at the station, Liv decides she wants to be bad cop while interrogating the man on the bike, James. Clive reluctantly agrees, and Liv uses a whip as a prop to intimidate James.

James admits he killed Roxanne, and asks to write out his confession.

Major is still trying to heal his wound. He asks Justin about the cooler full of heads, which is what turned into the brain paste the mercenaries use. Justin walks away, and Major begins coughing violently. He asks Justin to take him to the morgue.

Justin brings Major to Ravi and Liv. Liv decides that they can’t give Major the cure right away, because his wounds will kill him as a human. Liv injects Major with something that will buy them time until Major’s wounds heal.

Don-E and the dealer run the zombie bar.

Ravi and Liv stay up to watch Major sleep. Liv tells Ravi to go home and get some sleep. Major wakes up, and Liv explains what happened. Major agrees to take the cure and lose his memories, as long as Liv reminds him of their memories together as a couple. He then says that he won’t mind losing his memory, because he’ll fall for Liv all over again. The pair begin hooking up.

The next morning, Ravi prepares to give Major the cure. Liv gets out of Major’s bed. Major wakes up and begins to say something to her, but Ravi comes in. Major says he’s ready to take the cure, and Ravi explains how the memory loss will effect him. Major says he’ll miss Ravi and Liv, and they reassure that they aren’t going anywhere. Ravi gives Major the cure. (Source)

Episode Trivia & Notable moments
  • iZombie once again increased it’s viewers count with “Spanking the Zombie”, but this time only with 1.44% (against the 28.82% gain last week). It now had 0.984 viewers (millions), compared to the season premiere of 0.946 (millions).
  • Rose dished on twitter that Aly Michalka didn’t even know what PornHub was before this episode – but that she did after filming “Spanking The Zombie”. Sadly she was not in the episode at all, though.
  • This was an episode the entire fandom had eagerly been awaiting, having been teased there would be a dominatrix brain this season for almost a full year before the episode aired. And it did not disappoint!
Comic Slides

Here’s all the comic scene intros from the episode. Click the comics below to view them animating into the scene!

Episode Quotes

Clive: I need to get your thoughts.
Liv: Don’t know how this works yet? As a general rule, I require a dead body and a brain.
Ravi: She’s right. We tend to meet you at what’s called a “crime scene,” and then –
Clive: The murder occurred two weeks ago. It was Percy’s case, but he’s out for a month with a back injury. Now it’s mine.

Liv: I’m not putting that in my mouth.
Ravi: The memory restoration serum had no effect on Blaine.
Liv: Blaine’s human, I’m not. But that’s not my problem.
Ravi: It’s the color, right? Blue isn’t appetizing.
Liv: She was a dominatrix, Ravi. A dominatrix who went by the name Sweet Lady Pain.
Ravi: Oh, that? You’re already a bit on the bossy side, I doubt anyone would even notice.
Liv: Remember where we found her? In her dungeon, surrounded by freaky sex toys and strangled by her own whip. Does that sound fun to you?

Liv:[WHIP CRACKS] Crawl over here, piggie, and bring me my gloves.
Clive: No.
Liv: Someone’s asking to be punished.
Clive: Is it you? Here.
Liv: I thought so.
Clive: This is where you end up when your parents don’t tell you they love you.
Liv: Don’t be so close-minded. A control freak like you could enjoy being told what to do for a change.

This episode was full of hilarious lines! Check out the full episode script here.

Episode Style: Liv’s looks

Episode Reviews

AV Club: When The CW released the episode description for “Spanking The Zombie,” Liv taking on the traits of a dominatrix seemed like it could be a dicey situation. Would there be cringe-worthy depictions of BDSM? Could the show accidentally (or on purpose) kink shame someone? Thankfully, the execution of this idea avoided almost all of these pitfalls and instead turned out to be a hilarious and satisfying case of the week, with barely a kink shame in sight.

First things first—Rose McIver was absolutely fantastic doped up on Sweet Lady Pain brain, and sold every one of even the most questionable moments. The case itself was fairly straightforward—dominatrix gets murdered, Liv sees visions of her clients, and Liv and Clive track down the murdered and get him to confess—but the writers smartly use this case as a way to bring back some of their most colorful minor characters from the past. Between D.A. Baracus, weatherman Johnny Frost, and double-talking lawyer Brandt Stone, there wasn’t a semi-notable person in Seattle who wasn’t on Ms. Pain’s client list, and luckily for us every single one of them is hilarious. Bless this show for giving us Daran Norris and Ken Marino in a room together. Plus, it had a sting operation where Ravi could not act like a human being and Clive wore an ice cream man uniform. Joyful, all around. | Read Full Review

Den of A Geek: This week on iZombie Major’s time finally ran out, Liv looks great in black leather, and people finally started calling her out on her weird, zombie-induced behavior.

The murder was really an excuse for Liv to wear an excellent black wardrobe and make men do her bidding, although the show’s concept of a dominatrix did seem closer to magic than BDSM. The most interesting part of this plot, other than seeing Clive dressed like he belongs in a barbershop quartet, is that Liv ate the brain that Ravi had stewing in memory serum, and it definitely had an effect. This is the most we’ve ever seen people call her out for staring blankly while having visions, since the memory serum apparently made them longer and more vivid. Perhaps this means Blaine could still regain his memories?

All of Seattle’s most promising gentlemen were clients of the dead dominatrix, which is good news for us because it means a Rob Thomas reunion in the form of previous iZombie guest stars and Veronica Mars alums Daran Norris and Ken Marino, also known as Cliff McCormack and Vinnie van Lowe. Daran Norris even delivered a pitch-perfect read of the excellent line, “climate change is my safe word.” | Read Full Review

TV Fanatic: Well, I don’t know about you, but when I heard that we’d have an hour of Liv on dominatrix brain, I did not anticipate it also being an hour that ended with me hugging onto a pillow and feeling all the feels. That’s exactly what iZombie Season 3 Episode 5 was — a complete emotional rollercoaster until the final scene faded to black.

Gah! I hate feeling feelings and “Spanking the Zombie” gave us so many. Is there a clause in Robert Buckley’s contract that says he has to play the one character who is always on the brink of death? It seems like it. How many times can we see our beloved Major lying on his death bed? I am not okay. Unfortunately, neither was Major for the majority of the hour. It hurt my heart watching his health deteriorate right before our eyes. We’ve seen it a handful of times before, seriously, Major catches major hell on this show. He’s too pure for this. Leave him alone!

We knew that there would be a time when that inhaler of his would no longer do the trick. It barely seemed to be working when he was heading into the rescue mission. I’m surprised that his zombie brothers in arms didn’t comment on it more. | Read Full Review

Nerdist: Warning: This post contains spoilers, undead and otherwise, for the iZombie episode “Spanking the Zombie.” Go find some brains to eat if you haven’t watched yet.

It’s time to embrace your assertive side and display some control! This week, Liv got tapped to help solve the murder of a dominatrix and the experience left her in a take charge, no nonsense position.

But we need to cover some important notes before we explore the effects of Liv’s most recent meal. She worked with Fillmore Graves to investigate Harley, the guy from the zombie message board who could be connected to the deaths of Wally’s family. They brought him in under the guise of giving him a payout for his brother’s death, and used the opportunity to find out how much he knows about zombies. As it turns out, Harley isn’t bluffing. He has photo evidence of zombies and information on symptoms thanks to his brother’s time at Max Rager. It’s concerning, to say the least. | Read Full Review

TV Over Mind: As I’ve mentioned many times before in previous iZombie reviews, this show is the rare TV series that can shift between different tones and genres throughout a single episode without giving its audience whiplash. Rob Thomas and the creative team behind the series have struck the perfect balance when it comes to humor and heart, and it shouldn’t surprise me when iZombie moves swiftly from the funniest comedy on TV to a heartbreaking drama. But oh man, the last 10 minutes of “Spanking the Zombie” caught me off guard; I wasn’t ready for the sweeping emotional sequence that the show delivered, and it absolutely destroyed me.

However, what comes before the final sequence of tonight’s iZombie is just as important as the events that transpire during those last moments of the hour. The 50 minutes or so before Major shows up at the morgue, minutes away from death and desperate to survive, are, for the most part, raucously funny, as another spectacular comedic performance from Rose McIver anchors the action of the episode after Liv consumes the brain of a dominatrix named “Sweet Lady Pain.” But the entertaining investigation that dominates most of the episode and brings back fan-favorite characters like Johnny Frost, Brant Stone, and sketch artist Jimmy is just lulling us into a false sense of security. We’re so distracted by Liv’s hilarious antics and the drama happening between Harley Jahns and Fillmore-Graves that we nearly forget about Major’s worsening condition and the fact that he gets stabbed multiple times during the mercenary mission that kicks off the episode. | Read Full Review

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