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3×07: Dirty Nap Time
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“Who’s a superstar?”

Episode title: Dirt Nap Time005.jpg
Original air date: May 16, 2017
Episode number: 7th of the season, 39th overall
Written by: Deirdre Mangan
Directed by: Michael Fields
Featured brains: Preschool teacher
Previous episode: Some Like It Hot Mess

When Liv and Clive work together to solve the murder of a very charming, but womanizing, preschool teacher, things get interesting when they bring his jealous girlfriend Piper in for questioning. Meanwhile, Peyton is assigned a very interesting case. Lastly, Blaine finds himself in a bad situation.

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Guest Starring

Shenae Grimes guest stars in this week’s episode as a jealous single mom. Justin (Tongayi Chirisa) returns in this episode and he has quite an interesting question to ask Major. Another familiar face that shows up in our screen this week were Harley Johns (Andrew Caldwell) and of course… Don E. (Bryce Hodgson)! For the full list of co-stars this episode, check out IMDB here.

Brain Food

In this episode, Liv chopped the brain into slices and put it on bread with peanut butter and jelly. Then she squished the bread slightly and turned the combo into a sushi roll.

Full Episode Recap Warning: Spoilers

Major reveals that he gave his syringe of the cure to Natalie. Liv decides that she needs to get revenge on Blaine for tricking them and preventing her for taking the cure earlier.

Blaine plays piano and sings at the club. He walks outside and is immediately punched by Liv. She begins choking him, and he explains that he didn’t steal the cure.

A teacher sings and performs a puppet show for his kindergarten class. Parents pick up their students from his class, but are confronted by his girlfriend, who accuses them of cheating with him.

Clive walks through the crime scene of the techer’s murder. Liv and Ravi arrive, and Clive asks what happened with the cure.

Clive, Liv, and Ravi break down how the teacher, Jaime, got murdered. Clive reveals that he was killed via nails entering his brain. Clive finds a message in the magnet letters on the teacher’s fridge: STD 36.

Liv eats Jaime’s brains. Clive and Liv arrive at Jaime’s school. They talk to the school principal, while Jaime’s brains begin to take effect on Liv. The principal reveals that Jaime was a womanizer, and sleeping with several women in his class.

Clive and Liv interview Jaime’s girlfriend, Piper. She says she was jealous of Jaime not being exclusive – especially since the other mothers were married. She says that her alibi was that her kid was sick with a stomach bug, but that she wanted Jaime to change that.

Blaine sits at his desk, contemplating things. Candy comes in and helps him prepare the newest brain meals.

Peyton talks to the lawyer of the guy who confessed to the dominatrix case.

Major and Justin talk to Baracus. When he leaves, Justin offers Major some squeeze brains on toast, but Major turns them down. Justin then figures out that Major took the cure, but is going to continue working for Filmore Graves to escape the Chaos Killer stuff.

Clive and Liv interview another mom, Macy, involved with Jaime. They interview her husband, Will, who seconds her alibi. They reveal Jaime and Macy’s affair, and Will explains that they have an open marriage.

Peyton offers a plea deal to the dominatrix’s murderer, as long as he gives up the memory card of footage. Another lawyer comes in and offers to represent him, and accepts the plea deal without giving the memory card.

Clive and Liv interrogate Eleanor who was also having an affair with Jaime. Clive reveals that they need to tell Eleanor’s husband, Greg. Liv builds a sock puppet to convince Eleanor to comply.

Clive and Liv break the news to Greg, who begins crying.

Major and the other mercenaries find the zombie speakeasy. At the door, each of them need to eat a ghost pepper to be let in. The other guys convince Major to eat one, and he’s about to when Don E walks by and recognizes him. He lets the group into the speakeasy.

Major tells Liv and Clive about the speakeasy. Liv suggests that she go down there and confront Don E for information. Major agrees, as long as Justin goes with her. Major then reveals that Justin is romantically interested in Liv.

Liv gets a vision of Piper at Jaime’s front door, begging to stay with him. Clive and Liv ask Piper about it, and she says the opposite of what happened in Liv’s vision.

Peyton is approached by James Weckler’s attorney, who reveals that Weckler hung himself in prison.

Clive discovers that Macy drives a different car than Piper had thought. Liv gets another vision – of Macy and Jaime on a date, being followed by a black Civic. The license plate on the car matches the message on Jaime’s fridge. Clive runs the number, and discovers that the car belongs to a PI.

Liv and Justin sit in the speakeasy. They find Don E, and Liv asks whether or not Don E tried to buy the cure from Ravi. Don E gets frustrated, saying that whoever does have the vials of the cure is going to be rich.

Don E and his crew visit Blaine at the funeral home. Don E offers to buy all of Blaine’s brain supply for the club. They leave, and Blaine’s dad’s bodyguard stays behind. He shoots Blaine in the side as a message from his father. Blaine offers a large sum of money in exchange for his safety.

Clive and Liv find the PI who was following Jaime. He reveals that he thinks Jaime knew what he was doing. Clive and Liv discover that his client was Macy, and that her husband had hired the PI to find out. They confront Macy, who confesses that Will did murder Jaime.

Peyton meets with Ravi about the dominatrix killer’s autopsy and whether or not foul play was involved. She asks if Liv can eat Weckler’s brain to find out, and Ravi loads it up into the memory juice.

Major and Justin talk about his date with Liv. Justin explains that his date went well until she abruptly left at the end. Major hands him a card from Liv, that asks whether or not Justin likes her. He marks yes and hands it back to Major. Justin then receives a phone call about a lead on Harley Jones.

Harley Jones and his friend are stopped by Major and Justin. They run over Justin, who quickly runs after them and attacks their car. Harley and his friend discover that the camera attached to their car recorded the whole thing – giving them concrete proof that zombies exist. (source)

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Episode Quotes

Major: I gave the cure to Natalie. I am so sorry.
Peyton: Who’s Natalie?
Liz: Major’s zombie, hooker friend.

Liv: Up. Scum!
Ravi: I’m pretty sure that’s the anger controlling you.

Clive: Why is she still blonde?…What happened? The cure didn’t work?
Liv: It was stolen. We’ll talk about it later.

Clive: It appears to be a crime of passion.
Liv: Ya think? I mean, one nail in the head could be a financial dispute, but the bonus thirteen nails…someone was irked.

Major: He asked my permission to court you.
Liv: He did? Maybe you should explain my boyfriend history to him.

Liv: Who’s a superstar?
Clive: Damn straight.

Liv: Do you remember trying to buy the cure from Ravi?
Justin: Hashtag, I’m with her.

Episode Style: Liv’s looks

Episode Reviews

Den of A Geek: iZombie’s “Dirt Nap Time” isn’t quite able to capitalize on the momentum the show has had in recent episodes surrounding reveals around the zombie cure, instead slowing down the story in some awkward ways.

The biggest grievance this episode committed? The obnoxious preschool teacher brain Liv was on, which had her acting like a complete moron. (Though had me wondering what it would be like to have Liv on child’s brain.) Like some of iZombie’s other problematic brains, the effects of the brains felt too much like cariacture to work on any character level. While Jamie was a complicated dude, seemingly great at working with young children and yet a serial philanderer with many of his charges’ mothers, it was only sock puppets and silly songs that seemed to shine through into Liv’s behavior.

On a more general level, iZombie had a lot of dangling plot thread to continue weaving. The plot thickens in some intriguing ways in “Dirt Nap Time.” Here’s everything that went down… | Read Full Review

TV Fanatic: We’re not much closer to figuring out who stole the cure, but we did make some headway in the zombie hunter storyline.

Other than that, iZombie Season 3 Episode 7 was a fairly uneventful hour. One of the best aspects of the show is watching Liv help solve cases while dealing with channeling the personalities of the victim. When it’s done well, it’s iZombie at its finest.

I can’t say that any of the brains that Liv has found herself consuming have been nearly as fun as the father/daughter duo of iZombie Season 3 Episode 2.

 I can’t say that any of the cases have been particularly interesting or memorable (on their own) either, with the exception of the ongoing investigation into Wally’s murder. | Read Full Review

Nerdist: Pretend I’m pulling out a sock puppet to tell you about the latest iZombie. Liv ate some preschool teacher brains, and the outlook she received from the snack put the world into black and white perspective in “Dirt Nap Time.”

But let’s catch up on non-Liv personality notes first. I have to give it to little Don E. His handling of the zombie speakeasy has been smart. The entry test, for example, is perfect. Those interested in gaining admission have to eat a ghost pepper. I have a hunch a human other than Major will eventually find his or her way in though, and that will be an interesting day. Anyway, it’s a cool new hangout spot, which every CW series needs in bar or coffee shop form. It would be cooler if Don E. would fess up to swiping the cure, which I still believe he was responsible for.

Another brewing mystery: the guy who confessed to killing the dominatrix was apparently forced to do so. When Peyton got close to getting the last piece of evidence, he killed himself. I can’t tell if it’s about zombies or the remnants of Mr. Boss’ organization, but I like having a B plot in play. | Read Full Review

TV Over Mind: Tonight’s iZombie is a table-setting episode in the truest form, but that doesn’t stop it from being wonderfully entertaining. As we enter into the second half of Season 3, the writers are beginning to put new stories into motion, such as Peyton working with Ravi on the Wekler case or Liv’s flirtation with Justin, while also upping the ante for storylines that have been going on since the start of the season, like Don E. and Angus’s takeover of the brain business from Blaine or, most importantly, the upcoming battle between humans and zombies.

“Dirt Nap Time” isn’t an hour filled with too many big, shocking moments, which comes as a bit of relief after last week’s twist with the cure. However, it’s still a very effective episode, one that’s more concerned with setting up future dominoes to fall rather than picking up the ones the show knocked over in “Some Like It Hot Mess.” | Read Full Review

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