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Rose is known for her roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time", "Maddigan's Quest" and "Power Rangers R.P.M", and can currently be seen in the CW television show "iZombie" as the lead character Olivia 'Liv' Moore.

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Sara   /   Jul 10,2017   /   0 Comments

Hello friends! Remember our old site special “10 reasons to…”? We know the amount of posts here at Rose McIver Online have declined in the past year, and we want to change that. There was a lot of great feedback on our old posts, and we think you guys enjoyed reading them as much as we enjoyed creating them – so let’s bring them back! I will try to make it a much more regular feature, especially now that we’re heading into another iZombie hiatus (and we all know how long those feel). We’ll start a new one called “Rose McIver Online Spotlights 10…”, and over the next weeks we’ll put some spotlight on some of our favorite Rose stuff; such as 10 unforgettable outfits, memorable film scenes, favorite interviews and more.

With this post, I want to highlight certain career projects which many fans might have forgotten – newer fans of Rose might not even know about them! iZombie take up a lot of our focus these days, but Rose has a long list of short films, film productions and television shows to her name. For today’s post, I have picked out 10 of her projects which I want to put some spotlight on. I’ve had a lot of fun creating this post, and I hope you’ll enjoy watching clips of some of our girl’s older projects. So let’s jump to it, shall we?

1: The Dinner Party

I’ll kick off our throwback with one of my personal favorites! Back in 2012, Rose was a guest on one of BriTANicK’s youtube comedy films called “The Dinner Party”. The film is a shy of 4 minutes long video, with the dramatic tagline “Tonight’s main course? Betrayal.” Rose was a guest together with Jessy Hodges and Kyle Mooney, and we get to hear her act with different accents. Check it out – and prepare for a good laugh!

2: All Good Bananas

Early in her career, Rose did a lot of smaller acting jobs to promote herself and earn money to be able to follow her dream. Between these jobs, she teamed up with Ogilvy Auckland and All Good Bananas (in her home country New Zeland”) to earn some money part-time. In 2010, they did an advert called “Listen To Your Conscience”, where Rose is the voice of the listener’s conscience. Ogilvy Auckland’s objective was to get shoppers to consider purchasing All Good Fair-trade bananas while at the supermarket. To do this, they used a new audio-spotlight device to interact with them like never before. Unlike a regular speaker, the audio-spotlight emits a narrow high frequency beam of sound, which can only be heard by one person at a time, making it the perfect tool for communicating their intimate message. You can watch the advert Rose participated in below!

3: Masters of Sex

In 2013 and 2014, Rose appeared in a couple of episodes of the television show “Masters of Sex”. This was around the same time as she charmed us all as Tinkerbell on “Once Upon a Time”, and her part on the show was overshadowed by the latter project. Rose first appearance was in the 4th episode of season 1, “Thank you for coming”, as the shy (but extremely determined) Vivian Scully. Below you can watch a montage of most of Rose’s scenes on the show. You can also find screen captures from her episodes here in our photo gallery.

4: Tangiwai

In 2011, Rose starred in the drama “Tangiwai”, based on the real events of one of New Zealand’s worst disasters, the Tangiwai Rail Disaster. It tells the story of legendary New Zealander cricketer, Bob Blair and his ill-fated romance to Nerissa Love, who was killed in the 1953 tragedy. Rose portrayed Nerissa, and got to star alongside her long-time bestfriend Fleur Saville. It was a tragic but beautiful film, and Rose received great reviews for her part. You can learn more about the film here, and watch a 10 minute long clip of one of the films strongest parts below.

5: Power Rangers R.P.M

The latest “Power Rangers” film was released March earlier this year, and received a lot of attention on both social media and in the press. Our girl was once a Ranger herself, when she portrayed Summer Landsdown, aka Ranger Yellow, in the 17th season of the TV show, called “Power Rangers R.P.M.” Her season was aired in her home country New Zealand in 2009, and become one of the most popular seasons of the series. It is currently available on Netflix in certain countries, so make sure you search for it if you have an account! Rose is still to this date often asked about the series in her interviews, and she describes it as one of the most fun periods of her life – she worked with many of her closest friends on the show such as Eka Darville, Ari Boyland, Milo Cawthorne, Adelaide Kane and Dan Ewing – including her best friend, Olivia Tennet! The show also gave us one of our favorite ships, Dillon & Summer. Check out the great fan video made by It’s Celestial below, and you can watch full episodes of the show here for free.

6: The Lovely Bones

I’m sure many of you are familiar with this project of Rose’s, as it was her biggest film project of her career so far when released! But it didn’t do as well as we hoped at the time, so it’s often forgotten. And the friendship between Rose and Saoirse Ronan which was made during the filming is reason enough to include the project on our list! The film was released in 2009, and at the time Rose was still quite unknown outside her home country New Zealand. Long time fans and visitors might remember that it was back then the first version of Rose McIver Online came online, and at the time we barely had a single photoshoot or event photo of Rose. This changed drastically thanks to “The Lovely Bones”, with Rose promoting the film in several cities and countries. We were given daily videos, interviews, photos and more, and it really kicked of Rose’s career internationally!

In the film, Rose portrayed Lindsey Salmon, the one year younger sister of the main character Susie. After Susie’s death, Lindsay comes off as the strongest family member as she helps her father investigate the person they think was responsible for Susie’s death – Mr. Harvey. Even though she played the younger sister of Saoirse Ronan’s character, Rose is actually six years older in real life. The two of them have since said they became like real sisters while working on the film and promotion, and has kept a close relationship ever since. At our page dedicated to the film here, you can find links to videos, photos and media coverage from the promotion tour, as well as detailed information on both the film and Rose’s character. All the Rose and Saoirse videos and photoshoots are well worth a look! Below you can re-watch one of Rose’s most thrilling scenes of the film if you’ve seen the movie before. If you haven’t, it’s a definite must watch for all Rose fans – and you should probably await watching the clip to stay unspoiled 😉

7: So Fresh & So Keen

This next one on our list is going to be new for quite many, we believe! Back in 2008, Rose did a 48 hours short film with some of her friends. It was called So Fresh & So Keen, and the whole film was put together over 47 hours. Rose stars as the hot mess Sally Poste, who frustrates her perfectionist brother Kerry to no end. It’s a cute, random, fun little short film, and it should definitely be checked out.

8: Hercules

With the exception of “The Piano” (1993), in which Rose played a background angel in a scene, her first professional acting jobs in film and TV was as Ilea, Hercules’ daughter, in a couple of films and TV episodes in 1994. The first film she appeared in was “Hercules and the Amazon women”, where she portrayed a hydra. She was then brought on to play Ilea in the next two television films, “Hercules in The Underworld” and “Hercules in the Maze of the Minotaur“. In addition to the films, she was also a guest in episode 3.14 of the show “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys“. Rose’s real life brother Paul played her brother in the films! You can learn more about all 3 in our career archive. Rose was only a couple of years when filming these, and it’s a lot of fun to look back at today. Below you can watch one of our favorite clips, her scene from “Hercules and the Amazon Women”!

9: Flying

In 1999, Rose played the young girl Josie in a short film titled “Flying”. The film was a finalist in two categories at the 1999 New Zealand Film Awards, for Best Short Film – and Rose’s first personal nomination, as the Best Contribution to a Short Film. The film was directed and written by C de Salis, who drew on her personal experience of losing her mother to cancer. It was funded by the NZ Film Commission and filmed in 35mm on the east coast an hour and 20 minutes north of Auckland, with cinematography by renowned NZ director of photography Leon Narby. It’s a beautiful 15 minutes long film, and Rose’s talent was very overt.

10: CSI: Crime Scene Investigation

CSI is one of those TV shows which it feels like have been airing forever, and it is both well-known and popular world wide. But did you know Rose once had a guest role on the show? She appeared in the 13th episode of season 12, “Tressed to Kill”, as Bridget Byron. Rose appeared in two scenes, first out shopping with her sister Eve at a crowded mall, where they eventually notice that a chunk of Eve’s hair has been cut off while they where in the elevator. It sets up the plot of the episode, which is a pretty intriguing one! The full episode can be bought on youtube here, and you can check out Rose’s first scene below.

That’s it for today’s post! Were any of these new to you? Wish there was a certain project we had included in the list? Leave your thoughts in the comment section! And stay tuned for more posts like these in the upcoming months.

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