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Rose is known for her roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time", "Maddigan's Quest" and "Power Rangers R.P.M", and can currently be seen in the CW television show "iZombie" as the lead character Olivia 'Liv' Moore.

We aim to bring you all the latest news and images relating to Rose's acting career, and strive to remain 100% gossip-and-paparazzi-free. - Sara, Neide & Emily
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Sara   /   Apr 28,2017   /   0 Comments

iZombie is gaining popularity in Rose’s home country New Zealand, and she’s a wanted guest at various talk shows over there! With her busy schedule in the US, she’s unfortunately rarely able to do iZombie promotion back home. She has, however, found time to do a couple of interviews over Skype this month! She has been interviewed by both “What Now” (one of her old personal favorites!) and “The Adam and Eve Show“.

I have added her clips to our video archive, and you can find screen captures from both interviews in our photo gallery! The quality is pretty poor due to it being over Skype, but Rose looks adorable nonetheless.

Sara   /   Apr 28,2017   /   0 Comments

Hello Rose fans! Our detailed episode page for iZombie 3×04, Wag the Tongue Slowly, is now up and complete! View it here. On the page, you’ll find all the important episode information, reviews, quotes, videos, links to episode stills and graphics, a look at Liv’s style in the episode, a look at all the comic intros, photos of the food prepared and more. We hope you’ll like it!

You can also find HD screen captures from the episode in our photo gallery. It was yet another great episode – and the ratings increased this week! But the season overall isn’t doing too well, so we need you all to watch + get everyone you know to watch. We definitely need a fourth season, so please help us make it happen fellow Brainies…

Sara   /   Apr 19,2017   /   0 Comments

Hello fellow Brainies! What did you think about last night’s new iZombie episode? As you all most likely know, it was the third of the season, called “Eat, Pray, Liv”. I thought it was yet another great episode – it looks like this season is even going to top the previous two! Liv took on a Zen Guru Brain, and we loved it.

HD screen captures have now been added to our gallery, and we have completed the coverage page with everything you need to know about the episode! Videos have been added to our video archive, new avatars added to our graphic section, and the page also contains reviews, a look at the brain food Liv made, a look at her style in the episode, some of the best quotes, trivia and more. Have fun browsing!

Sara   /   Apr 18,2017   /   0 Comments

We’re really sorry it has taken us a week to get these up – it won’t happen again! But our gallery has finally been updated with HD screen captures of Rose in episode 3×02 of iZombie, “Zombie Knows Best“. This is one of my favorite episodes to date! It was so nice to finally learn more about Clive’s background, and I laughed throughout the episode of Major and Liv on daughter/dad brains.

Stay tuned later tonight, for an exclusive iZombie related update here at the site! I’m very excited to share this with you. Also make sure to tune in tonight, to an all new iZombie episode – Eat, Pray, Liv…

Sara   /   Apr 05,2017   /   0 Comments

Hello friends! I think we can all agree, last night’s season premiere of iZombie, Heaven Just Got A Little Bit Smoother, most definitely lived up to the hype! We’re still buzzing, and are already bursting with excitement for next week’s episode. Judging by the premiere, it seems like we are in for a very tense and emotional season, possibly one that’s a lot darker than the previous two. But the talented show writers will definitely put in big dosages of humor as well – next week’s promo clearly shows that it’ll still be a big part of the show! (You can watch it in our post below if you haven’t already).

Our gallery have been updated with high definition screen captures from the premiere, which we hope you’ll all enjoy. Up next we’ll work on some graphics with the new photos, and we’ll have some reviews later on as well. Stay tuned.

Sara   /   Mar 31,2017   /   0 Comments

Last Sunday, our favorite fairy Tinkerbell returned to Once Upon a Time! This is something we have been eagerly awaiting for months now, after it was announced Rose would return for an episode. Unfortunately, we have to say we’re disappointed – all she got was a short scene, which was far from satisfying after waiting almost 3 years. Tinkerbell is one of the more interesting characters in our opinion, and Rose portrays her so well… We definitely wanted more! But it was still very nice to see her back in this role, as it was the one which really made her popular internationally.

HD Screen captures from her scene can now be found in our gallery, and we added the clip to our video archive as well. Some graphics will be added later! We hope you’ll enjoy it.

Sara   /   Mar 31,2017   /   0 Comments

This afternoon, Rose was a guest on Yahoo TV Live to promote iZombie. We’ve added her interview to our video archive, and screen captures have been uploaded to our gallery! Make sure to check out her interview below.

Sara   /   Aug 22,2016   /   0 Comments

Early in July, we posted that Rose was on the set of Broods’ new music video “Heartlines“. Some may remember that she was there with her “Blinder” co-star and good friend Oliver Ackland, but we were not sure what she was actually doing there at the time. It turns out Rose is starring in their video! The music video is Directed by Dano Cerny and Produced by Lauren Solie, and both Rose and Oliver stars in it. Check out the video below, and head over to our photo gallery for HD screen captures…

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Sara   /   May 22,2016   /   0 Comments

Rose just posted a new video on her instagram, after being nominated by her friend and past co-star Danielle Cormack to participate in an attempt to raise awareness and funds to expand a critical education program in war torn and tsunami battered Sri Lanka. The end goal is thousands of children who are better equipped to break free from poverty. You can watch the video below, and we have added screen captures to our gallery. This is such an important cause, and we are so happy and proud to see that Rose is participating!

Education and great teachers play such an important role in children’s lives. @childfund_nz are raising awareness and funds to expand a critical education program in war torn and tsunami battered Sri Lanka. The end goal is thousands of children who are better equipped to break free from poverty #favteacher #childfund #makeadifference @childfund_nz I nominate you @madeleinesami


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Sara   /   May 06,2016   /   0 Comments

More screen captures from “Power Rangers R.P.M” have been added to our gallery! Now up are episode 22 “The Dome Dolls”, 23 “And…Action” and 24 “Ancient History”. The 23rd episode is a special one, as it differs from the regular format, and shows us behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast about stunts and effects (though all the actors remain in their characters for these interviews) and my favorite part – bloopers! I enjoyed this episode so much that I have added the whole episode to our video archive so you can all watch it. It’s an episode you can watch without having seen the previous 22 , so if you want to learn more about the show you should definitely check it out. Enjoy!

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