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Sara   /   Apr 03,2017   /   0 Comments


Fans of the CW series “iZombie” would have a hard time recognizing series star Rose McIver away from work. Her complexion is quiet rosy, a sharp contrast to the pale pallor she has as a functioning zombie in the TV series based on the comic book of the same name. Gone is the platinum hair, replaced by a much darker color. And then there’s that New Zealand accent.

The real world transformation pales in comparison to her work on the series that’s a hybrid of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Veronica Mars” and “The Walking Dead.” McIver plays a zombie who can hold on to her humanity by eating brains. A job in the morgue gives her access to a smorgasbord of cerebellums.

There’s a hitch. In each episode, McIver’s character of Liv takes on the personality of the person’s brains she’s eaten. That’s taken her from stripper to vigilante to basketball coach. These varied personalities come into play as she helps solve the mystery behind the death of the person who supplied her with the brains on the menu.

Getting to play a character with so many different personalities is why McIver loves her job so much.

“I get to play the variety and do a little of everything. But I’m genuinely terrified knowing what brains I might not have a clue how to perform,” McIver says.

The writers tried to calm her fears. Before the season started, they showed her a list of 35 brains she could potentially eat. The list ranged from the sublime to the absurd.

McIver was allowed to veto one brain idea on the list. Her vote was not to eat the brains of a cat lady simply because the actor considers herself a dog person.

Even ideas that scared McIver ended up being fun to play.

“A dominatrix brain was pretty fun. Conspiracy theorist. ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ was easily one that I didn’t expect to have as much fun with and I loved,” McIver says.

McIver does bring plenty of different acting experience that helps her play so many varied personalities. Her resume ranges from playing the Yellow Ranger on “Power Rangers R.P.M.” to a role on “Masters of Sex.” Fans of “Once Upon a Time” will know her as Tinker Bell.

When it comes to “iZombie,” not only does McIver have to come up with the right way to play the personality of the week, she has to go through the on-screen process of eating the brains that trigger the transformations. The writers have had fun with having Liv cook up the brains in a variety of ways to make them look more appetizing.

What McIver is having to eat is a coconut-flavored gelatin covered in corn syrup. The crew has tried to make the brains as appetizing as possible but McIver still finds them disgusting.

The good part is that she normally spits out the concoction after the cameras capture her taking a bite. At least once, that wasn’t possible.

“The one almost unmanageable one for me was where it was like a milkshake. She had to chug a milkshake and you can’t spit that. So I did that over and over again, and I was pretty done after that,” McIver says. “They are not great, but come on. I get to play a zombie and get through this great show. It’s like, what a self-indulgent problem.”

The new personality challengers for McIver begins anew as season three begins Tuesday, April 4, on the CW Network.

Sara   /   Aug 22,2016   /   0 Comments

Source | The fierce star of iZombie, Rose McIver dropped by Wizard World Chicago to chat with her fans and it was great! (If you aren’t watching, check out these 14 reasons to watch iZombie RIGHT NOW!) iZombie is going into it’s third season in 2017 on the CW and after one of the BEST finales ever, fans couldn’t wait to ask Rose their burning questions. Our very own Lindi moderated her panel and here is what we learned:
1. Rose hates the taste of the yucky gelatin brain substance, so she uses a spit bucket!
2. In Season 3, we will get to see Liv as a dominatrix and a hippie.
3. It takes about 1.5 hours for Rose to get into full zombie makeup.
4. It takes about 1.5 hours for the makeup crew to tame Rahul Kohli’s hair.
5. Her favorite “brain” was the magician, mostly because she got to learn the magic tricks and loved it.
6. Season 3 will start about 3 minutes after the ending of the Season 2 finale.
7. Brain she would most want to eat? Steven Avery, so she could finally learn the truth.
8. She would love to do a crossover with The Flash or the other CW superhero shows, because Liv is a hero too!
9. Her favorite shows growing up were Full House, Simpsons, The Nanny and Friends.
10. She is delightful. (That was our observation, but still. FACT!)
We can’t flippin’ wait for Season 3 of iZombie and now we are even more pumped! What was your favorite brain that Liv ate? Hit the comments and tell us!
iZombie returns to the CW in 2017.

Sara   /   Aug 22,2016   /   0 Comments

Source | Aside from the purported zombie war happening in “iZombie” season 3, fans are also anticipating Liv Moore’s love story, who has never been lucky when it comes to her romantic relationships.

Loyal followers of the series know that Liv’s (Rose McIver) boyfriends always end up dead. Lowell (Bradley James) and Drake (Greg Finley) both died in seasons 1 and 2, respectively, leaving Liv alone. McIver even joked before that nobody wanted to be cast as her love interest because they know they would end biting the dust.

However, during last month’s San Diego Comic Con, executive producer Rob Thomas teased that Liv would have a new boyfriend in the third installment. “Liv will have a love interest this year who does not die,” he told TV Line.

He quickly added, though, that Liv still won’t have a happily ever after with her new boyfriend and that they would break up by season 3’s finale. However, Thomas notes that “whoever that is, the relationship will not end because of death.”

Thomas might have likewise teased that the romance between Liv and ex-fiancé Major (Robert Buckley) would be rekindled in season 3, something that fans have been speculating on. However, he didn’t offer any formal confirmation of that angle, so fans would have to wait until season 3 starts airing to find out for sure.

Meanwhile, The CW has confirmed that “iZombie” would see a shorter third season containing only 13 episodes. That is three episodes shorter than season 2’s offering. According to TV Insider, fans surmised that poor ratings have to do with the network’s decision to make season 3 shorter.

“iZombie” premiered with a whopping 2.29 million viewership in 2014, but it dropped to a measly 1.53 million viewers in the season 2 premiere based on 18-49 demographics, according to Nielsen, as reported by Zap2It’s TV by the Numbers.

Still, some fans say that a season with 13 episodes is normal for a show that premieres midseason. Neither the network nor Thomas has yet to speak out on this matter.

“iZombie” season 3 is expected to premiere sometime in January as part of The CW’s midseason roster. In the meantime, stay tuned for more updates about the series’ upcoming installment.

Sara   /   Jul 22,2016   /   0 Comments

Source | “iZombie” won’t be back on The CW until 2017, but with the show set to start production on Season 3 in mere days, there’s plenty to tease about what’s to come.

Speaking to Zap2it at San Diego Comic-Con, executive producer Diane Ruggiero-Wright dropped a very fun hint at some of the brains they’ll be tackling this season — namely two that will cause a major shift in Liv (Rose McIver) and Major’s (Robert Buckley) relationship.

“In the second episode they’re on complimentary brains — not the same brain but brains that have a relationship together,” she says. “They eat the brains of a dad and daughter.”

Being that this is “iZombie” though, the former engaged lovers being a parent and child isn’t the only humorous little tilt being thrown at them in the episode. As Ruggiero-Wright continues, “Liv is the dad and Major is the belligerent teenager. It should be pretty fun.”

Just sit back and imagine Major as a teenage girl giving attitude to her dad — Liv. Season 3 cannot get here soon enough.

Sara   /   Jul 22,2016   /   0 Comments

Source | The cast and producers of The CW’s undead dramedy iZombie were in attendance at the San Diego Comic-Con for the third year in a row.

OMFGTV had the opportunity to sit down with the series’ lead star Rose McIver, where we asked her what brains we can expect for the Liv Moore to feast on.

“I learned today that I have to eat the brain of a dominatrix,” McIver tells us. “I’ll be doing a lot of research [for that]. It’ll be funny, it’ll be really good.”

Also in the works for early next season is a two-fer. Both Liv and Major (Rorbert Buckley) will be eating the brains of a father and daughter, but if you think it’ll be Liv who will be channeling the daughter, you’d be wrong.

“I’m the father, [Major]’s the angsty teenage daughter.,” she reveals. “That’s going to be a lot of fun. It’s the part Robert Buckley was born to play. He’ going to be great!”

iZombie Season 3 premiers mid-season on The CW.

Sara   /   Jul 14,2016   /   0 Comments

Lead star Rose McIVer revealed that her character Liv Moore will not be the only zombie who will take on characteristics after eating the brian. She also shared some of what she knows about the upcoming season 3 of “iZombie.”

In an interview with DC Entertainment, she said fans should see what is in store for Liv and her gang now that everybody is in the know about the existence of zombies. She said “I’m really excited that that kind of dyamic shift will kind of open up a bunch of other humor … I think.”

She also revealed that while the brain of the week will still continue, “Other zombies will be taking on other characters as well. So that, that should change the playing field a bit.” She shared her excitement about seeing other cast members sing and dance and mentioned specifically wanting Major (Robert Buckley) to eat a ballerina’s brain. She also said that there will be a battle between zombies of her kind and the type that causes harm to living human beings.

Asked about characters she wants to see in the next season, she revealed to be a fan of Clive (Malcolm Goodwin) and Dale (Jessica Harmon). McIver shared that Clive and Dale are her OTP (One True Pairing) and she wanted Dale to go back to the show and be in the know as well. She also shared that she was sad upon receiving the script that contained the death of Liz’s boyfriend, but she was more devastated upon learning of the other pair’s breakup.

A new villain will be introduced in season 3 after the deaths of Vaughn Du Clark and his daughter Rita. The new owner of Max Rager has made her appearance in the finale and she came with an army of zombies that kill uncontrollable undeads.

“iZombie” season 3 does not have a premiere date yet.(Source)

Sara   /   Jun 15,2016   /   0 Comments

Source | Over the weekend, Oz Comic-Con was hosted in Melbourne, Australia. Among the many guests from TV shows was Rose McIver from CW Network’s iZombie. During her panel, she brought up some of the things she would like to see in upcoming episodes of iZombie — including an episode she dubbed “iceZombie.”

After it was confirmed iZombie would be renewed for a third season, it seems Rose McIver, who plays the lead role of Liv Moore, a mortician’s technician who also happens to be a zombie, has been on a hunt for new episode ideas. Considering every time Liv eats a brain she takes on the mannerisms of the deceased, each episode is like playing a new character. Some of Liv’s various brains have included that of a bigoted old man, a frat boy, a country singer and a stripper. It certainly must be a hard task coming up with new occupations and character types for Liv to take over in each episode. So Rose McIver has a plan for some upcoming brains Liv could eat in Season 3 of iZombie.

First up, Rose has a plan for an episode she likes to call “iceZombie.” Rose told fans as they attentively listened to her panel, that the iZombie version of Disney on Ice would include her character, Liv Moore, eating the brain of a hockey player and Major (played by Robert Buckley in the TV series) eating the brain of a figure skater. Could you imagine that? Major as an figure skater? Liv as a buff hockey player? It would be fabulous indeed. But, as yet, this episode is entirely Rose’s creation and not something the iZombie writers have considered.

So how can fans help Rose McIver get her iceZombie episode up and running? During her panel at Oz Comic Con, Rose McIver implored fans to get behind her cause and asked them to reach out to the iZombie writers on Twitter. So, if you want to help Rose get her “iceZombie” episode of iZombie up and running, now is the time to let the writers know this is something you would like to see.

Other suggestions from Rose McIver for future iZombie episodes included wanting an episode that involved the circus. The reason behind this request is not because Rose McIver wants to run away and join the circus, but because she once got circus training in a previous TV show role in her native homeland of New Zealand. The program, Maddigan’s Quest, and was a fantasy-based TV series based in a post-apocalyptic world. McIver played the lead role of Garland, a character who was a member of the circus troupe ‘Maddigan’s Fantasia.’ This circus troupe traveled around in search of new Solar Converters to help fix the only power source in the city of Solis. During her time on this show Rose learned, among other circus tricks, how to walk the trapeze. It is a skill Rose McIver is yet to use again, so thinks it would be an interesting brain choice in iZombie.

(Read full story at the source)

Sara   /   Jun 08,2016   /   0 Comments

Source |”iZombie” season 3 is still a long ways off, but fans are most definitely wondering what the coming season has in store for them. At the red carpet of The CW’s “Upfront,” the star of the series, Rose McIver, dished out a few details about what awaits their viewers.

In an interview with TVLine, McIver, who plays Liv, shared some information on her zombie character’s romantic future. Apparently, her love life may be at a standstill this season, as no one seems to want to be her love interest anymore, based on what happened to her season 1 and 2 boyfriends. Check out the video below.

Fans know that Lowell (played by Bradley James) and Drake (played by Greg Finley) both died in their respective seasons. In season 3, Major (played by Robert Buckley) appears to be the most probable love interest. According to McIver, she loves that her Liv and Major stuck by each other through everything, and if they do start a relationship, it could be awesome since they started off as friends.

“It’s a really complicated thing — she’s grieving two dead boyfriends,” she said in the interview. “It’s not that easy to jump straight back in with Major. I think they’re really great for each other, and … they love each other.”

McIver likewise shared that “iZombie’s” next season would introduce a new villain in the person of Vivian (played by Andrea Savage). She described Vivian as a “dodgy character” and said that she can’t say for certain where Liv’s allegiance lies and whether she would support Vivian in her plan to make Seattle the “zombie capital” of the world or not.

Meanwhile, TVInsider has shared the news season 3 will see Aly Michalka, who plays Liv’s best friend Peyton, become a series regular. Michalka merely played a recurring role through the first two years of the series, but as Liv’s BFF, her role has somewhat become an integral part of the story. She would also figure in an unconventional love triangle with Blaine (David Anders) and Ravi (Rahul Kohli).

“iZombie” season 3 will premiere on The CW in early 2017.

Sara   /   May 03,2016   /   0 Comments

iZombie’s creator, Rob Thomas, recently did an interview with TV guide magazine about the upcoming third season of iZombie – and Vinereport has created an article about it! You can read it below. There’s not a whole lot of new information in it, but as we impatiently await for the third season, we’ll take everything we can get 😉

Source | Showrunner Rob Thomas shared what he wanted to happen to one of the fan-favorite characters in “iZombie” when the show returns to the small screen for season 3.

In a recent interview with TV Guide, Thomas was asked if there is a chance Peyton (Aly Michalka) will get promoted to series regular. “I will say I love Aly and we’re a better show when Aly is in it. Certainly, if we had all the money in the world she would be a series regular. I wish she were now,” he replied.

Viewers may remember that before the second installment ended, Peyton has moved back in her apartment with her best friend Olivia Moore (Rose McIver) which led to speculations that she may have more appearances in the follow-up narrative. However, it remains to be seen if this comes to fruition.

Moreover, there are some assumptions suggesting that the storylines may move away from the procedurals after the game-changing season finale. McIver said to Comic Book Resources during WonderCon that the last episode has given the upcoming season some room to change the structure a little bit. “I feel like story-wise and character dynamic-wise, relationship-wise, there’s really, really interesting stuff coming to play with,” she elaborated.

But she also believes that it could go either way and stick with what has already been loved by the viewers, “There are certainly great things about it being a procedural as a device for her being able to eat those brains each week, and for it to hang on these very specific story hooks can be fantastic, too,” she added.

Actor Robert Buckley who portrays Major Lilywhite also stated that he does not know if there will be a difference on how the plot will be told. He however teased that big changes are certainly coming, “In the relations between the characters and the dynamics of those relationships, absolutely. Big changes.”

The CW has yet to schedule the premiere of “iZombie” season 3. More information is expected to be announced in the following months.

Sara   /   May 01,2016   /   0 Comments

Great news Brits! You can now finally watch iZombie’s first two season on Netflix. We have been receiving a lot of tweets and emails from people who wanted to know when the show was available in the UK, so we are very happy to share the good news with you all today… Start binging!

Source | iZombie is finally available to watch in the UK, thanks to Netflix.

Both seasons of the entertainingly offbeat drama from Veronica Mars team Rob Marshall and Diane Ruggiero-Wright are available to stream now in their entirety.
iZombie stars Rose McIver as medical student Liv Moore who finds that being a zombie allows her to help the police solve murders, as long as she eats the victim’s brains to gain their memories and traits.

McIver’s co-star Rahul Kohli teased the good news on Twitter: “To my fellow Brits…check your Netflix…there’s an undead surprise apparently.”
Back in March, The CW renewed iZombie for a third season. There’s no word yet on if Netflix will air the next season closer to the US broadcast, like with Once Upon A Time and Pretty Little Liars.
The show also stars Malcolm Goodwin, Robert Buckley and David Anders. It is loosely based on the DC comics series of the same name.