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Sara   /   Dec 07,2015   /   0 Comments

Hello friends! So it turns out the film Rose did with her friend and co-star Jennifer Morrison (check the post below) is actually a music video, as well as a 10 minute long short film… And it’s amazing! Check it out for yourself below, both the music video and short film, and read on for an article on Jennifer and the video. To read the full interview with her, check out this link.

The music video is for the song “Demon Days (Do it All Again)” by the indie band “Wild Wild Horses”, and the film is directed by Jennifer and acted by Rose and Geoff Stults. Screencaptures and GIFs will come!

Jennifer Morrison, who is known for playing The Savior (aka Emma Swan) in ABC’s Once Upon a Time, has an intimidating resumé. She’s starred in House as the very smart, full-hearted Dr. Allison. She’s been in How I Met Your Mother and Star Trek, and that’s not all. She also has really, really great hair. But that’s beside the point. The point is that Jennifer Morrison can do anything she sets her mind to, so when I learned she had directed her first music video (technically, it’s four stand-alone videos combined to create a 10-minute narrative) for the indie rock band Wild Wild Horses, I wasn’t surprised. Like, at all.

Morrison, who previously directed the film Warning Labels this year, has a keen eye for beauty — and for darkness. In “Demon Days (Do It All Again)” she captures a couple (played by Grace and Frankie‘s Geoff Stults and iZombie‘s Rose McIver) haunted by a ghost of the past. Morrison embodies this ghost in the video, and half-joking and half-serious, she tells me her role is “Ghost Girl,” the woman who is the manifestation of McIver’s paranoia, but we’ll get to that part later.

What stands out most is the tension, and the poetry of the setting. You can feel McIver’s character panic when she thinks she sees Ghost Girl by the side of the road, or Ghost Girl laugh-kissing Stults. And you can sense the dysphoria in the birch trees, the way moss envelopes almost everything. Essentially, Morrison elevates “Demon Days” and visually transforms it so that what we see feels intimate, as though we are standing very, very closely to something that is about to shatter.

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