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Sara   /   Apr 21,2016   /   0 Comments

We’re already dying for the third season of iZombie to start, after the cliffhanger ending last week! Luckily we’re already starting the get some scoop on the new season, so hopefully the wait will seem a little bit shorter … Rose recently talked with Comic Book Resources, and gave them some of her thoughts on the future of the show – you can read the article below.

Source | Rose McIver is gearing up for the third season of the zombie detective show “iZombie,” which is created by Rob Thomas.

For the next season, McIver believes that the show is going to shake the characters up and let them experience things far beyond their usual set-up.

“I think now that our show is going into the third season, there’s room to shake the structure a little bit and play outside the box,” McIver told Comic Book Resources. “But there are certainly great things about it being a procedural as a device for her being able to eat those brains each week, and for it to hang on these very specific story hooks can be fantastic, too.”

All of the major characters – from Liv to Major Lilywhite (Major Buckley), Ravi Chakrabarti (Rahul Kohli), Clive Babineaux (Malcolm Goodwin), and Blaine DeBeers (David Anders) – all have experienced personal challenges when it comes to zombies. Season 3 will only take their personal challenges up a notch, according to McIver.

“I think it could kind of go either way at the moment, and I feel like story-wise and character dynamic-wise, relationship-wise, there’s really, really interesting stuff coming to play with,” she said.

McIver hopes that season 3 will let them explore their musical talents.

“Liv has sung a bit and Blaine has sung a bit. I want, like, a full musical episode,” said McIver. “I want there to be just like brains, maybe something contaminated where everybody has to eat it and the whole episode is done in song.”

McIver also hopes that the brains she will consume for the third season will taste better. Earlier, the actress told the Observer Culture that the most “appalling” thing she ever ate as Liv was a “stew” made out of gelatin.

“It was like brain mixed in with packet stew sauce, this thick kind of brown gravy. That was pretty awful,” she recalled.

“iZombie” season 3 is slated for the 2016-2017 roster of The CW.

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