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Rose is known for her roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time", "Maddigan's Quest" and "Power Rangers R.P.M", and can currently be seen in the CW television show "iZombie" as the lead character Olivia 'Liv' Moore.

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Continuing the tradition from last year, we’re warming up for next weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con! Our favorite event is just a couple of days away, and hopefully we will get a big amount of new photos, videos and interviews. This will be Rose’s 4th recurring year at the convention, and it’s a big one – their official mission statement reads as follows:

Comic-Con International: San Diego is a nonprofit educational corporation dedicated to creating awareness of, and appreciation for, comics and related popular artforms, primarily through the presentation of conventions and events that celebrate the historic and ongoing contribution of comics to art and culture.

Rose will be there to promote iZombie, but with the season once again not premiering before mid-season there will probably be limited new videos. But hopefully we’ll get a lot of information, so we can start getting hyped up for season 4! To warm up, we’ll take a look at the previous three years – the best interviews, the best outfits, the best photos – and you can vote for your favorites!

Check out posts from the previous conventions: SDCC 2014 | SDCC 2015 | SDCC 2016.


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2014 was a very important year at the convention for the iZombie creators and cast. It was during this weekend we first got a real idea of what the show would be like, and we got to know the other cast and the characters. Rose seemed to be everywhere this weekend, attending interviews, photoshoots, parties and fan signings. She also showed up in different outfits for each event, so we were blessed with a great collection of photos. Below you can find links to all the gallery albums, both the event photos and the photoshoots. You should also check out the attached video of the cast – whether it’ll be your first time seeing it, or you’ve seen it before, it’s worth it!


Even though we weren’t treated to as many different outfits in 2015, this one beat 2014 in our opinion due to the bond the cast and crew had created during the first season. During both the panel and interviews, it was evident that the main cast had just as much off screen as their on screen characters. The panel (find it below) is an absolute treat, and should be watched in full by all Rose and iZombie fans!

Q&A Best of 2015 –

You get to play an almost different character every week depending what brains you eat. What was your favorite and what would you like to explore in the next season with your next brain salad?
Well, that’s definitely the most appealing thing about the job to me. Playing Liv, I get to play a character of such contradictions and who explores so many different avenues within one sort of name, and one shell. It’s pretty nerve-racking. I never know quite what I’m in for. For example, I know so far I’ve been told in Season 2, I get my guitar back out. I play a little bit of guitar, and I sing. So there’s going to be some stuff coming up pretty early on that I am really looking forward to and I’m not entirely certain of each of the brains yet. But I know the first one back, but I don’t want to give you that spoiler because it’s too exciting. But there is some pretty funny stuff, and it lends itself to such good humor. And because there are overarching, really dramatic through lines, it’s nice to have something that can lighten the atmosphere a little bit. So the brains can do that.

But how through all of these brains do you maintain the “Liv-ness” of the character?
Well, I think that’s like us as humans. There is always a core-like essence that we have as people. Even if we’re angry or we go through these different sort of cycles, I think we still have a real sense of us. So I hope that with Liv, it’s just her integrity and desire to do the right thing for the people around her. And you know she is still her – it’s like watching somebody who is a drug addict or something, they don’t lose themselves because they are on a trip, they are just exploring a different path. So yeah, hopefully I keep that kind of consistency with Liv that runs under all of those changes.


Rose kicked off the 2016 convention by being a guest at Syfy’s “Live From Comic-Con” on stage show, hosted by Arnett. Rose was on the show with Zachary Levi and Alan Tudyk. The following day, she joined up with her iZombie cast mates for the panel, which you can watch below. Rose wasn’t at the convention as long as the previous two years in 2016, but we still got an ample amount of new content.

Q&A Best of 2016 –

Talk Nerdy with us:
What was your favorite brain last season?
Which is your favorite parent? (laughs). It’s a little like that to me because there are so many different things that appeal to each one. In terms of including myself, as a human, the magician brain was really fun to play. I got to see behind the curtain of magician tricks and I can impress my niece and nephew now. But in terms of being on set, the erotic literature writer – the sexy librarian – was hilarious. We had so much fun. I just wind Rahul up. Doing that with him and Malcolm was a very silly opportunity. So, there is a different person for each brain. In what show can you ever say that?

What goes through your mind when you find out who you will be each week?
It’s a very fast turnaround so time is very limited. Usually, the internet is a great resource and I have friends who work in different industries, which has been really helpful. I’ve got friends who are paramedics, sign language interpreters, etc. They do all sorts of jobs. There are people I can ask for help and sometimes that is great rather than bouncing it off another actor, another creative. It’s nice to get someone on the ground seeing these things. Then, it’s sort of improv in some ways. We play on the day and work it as we go. We have to make really fast decisions. That’s sort of what I love about it. It’s quite free like that.

What was your favorite episode of last season?
I thought our finale was pretty great! I loved our finale! It was definitely a change of tone in some ways, but what I think is so great about these guys is they are intuitive. I love that we brought those comedic elements and brought them into these high stakes. It just worked really well to go out with stunts and for us to explore the zombie thing. We had Rob Thomas, the singer, which was so fun. It had a lot of elements that I thought made it pretty special.


We’ve put together a playlist with interviews from all the years Rose and the iZombie cast have been at SDCC! There are so many great videos, and they’re making us really excited for the upcoming convention. There’s a lot of fun, cute and memorable moments in there, and it’s a nice way to make the wait for the weekend shorter.

Best photos – Our picks

Picking our favorite photos from the previous 3 San Diego Comic-Cons turned out to be quite an impossible task! But we managed to get it down to 14 photos which we feel like showcasing. Make sure to tweet us or comment below with your favorites 😉

We’re ready for the weekend! Like the previous years, we will keep you updated on every single thing related to Rose or iZombie. Expect photo and video master-posts, interviews, articles and more! Make sure to follow us on TWITTER as well, as we will be live tweeting during the entire weekend. So, which of the previous 3 conventions was your favorite? Cast your vote below!

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