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Rose is known for her roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time", "Maddigan's Quest" and "Power Rangers R.P.M", and can currently be seen in the CW television show "iZombie" as the lead character Olivia 'Liv' Moore.

We aim to bring you all the latest news and images relating to Rose's acting career, and strive to remain 100% gossip-and-paparazzi-free. - Staff
Archive for the ‘Power Rangers R.P.M’ Category
Sara   /   Apr 25,2018   /   0 Comments

Power Rangers R.P.M was one of the first Rose projects we covered on our site back in the day, and I know it’s a show which introduced many of you to Miss McIver. I’ve wanted to complete our screencaps section of the show for quite some time now, however it’s been hard to track down the episodes in a quality which it was worth making screen captures in … But now, thanks to my good friend over at Julianne Hough Online, I finally got my hands on the final 8 episodes we were missing in decent quality! It’s been almost two years since our last Power Rangers update, so it was definitely overdue.

While these screen captures are in no way HD like our more recent projects (such as iZombie), we are very lucky to have these considering how old they are now. Rose looked so beautiful as Summer / Ranger Yellow! The caps include a lot of pretty close ups, and I also added a few shots of her in the Yellow Ranger suit for those who want those for graphic purposes. Now that the section is complete, I will start working on the show page, with an episode guide, show information, videos and more. Check back later for that one, and enjoy the new screen captures for now!

Sara   /   Apr 22,2018   /   0 Comments

Hello Rose fans! Last month, Shout!Takes shared an interview they did with Rose about “Power Rangers”. As you all know, Rose played Summer Landsdown (Ranger Yellow) in the 17th season of the show called “Power Rangers R.P.M”. It’s nice to hear her talk about some of her older projects, as we rarely got proper interviews with Rose back in those days! She talks about her character, the audition process, her training for the part and more. Listen to the interview below.

This week saw the fourth season debut of iZombie, but before she was sautéing brains, Rose McIver was kicking butt as Summer Landsdown in Power Rangers RPM. In this episode of Shout!Takes, the down-to-earth star talked about her character, working on the hit franchise in her native country New Zealand, and the loving Power Rangers fans. Listen below, on iTunes, Spotify, or your favorite podcast provider.

Sara   /   Mar 15,2017   /   0 Comments

As promised, we have even more exclusive high quality photos for you today! Following our Johnny Kapahala update from Monday, we have now added some photos of Rose from her older projects “Power Rangers R.P.M” and “Eddie’s Million Dollar Cook-Off”. These are VERY rare, and most of them you won’t find anywhere else – so get browsing! We are so lucky to have these. We have also added some LQ/MQ stills from “Maddigan’s Quest”, and a stunning shot of Rose filming “Brightest Star”.

We’ll have more exclusives coming up soon, as well as many photos to warm up for the big iZombie season 3 premiere! Keep checking back, and please let us know in the comment section if there’s anything in particular you want us to add.

Sara   /   Jun 08,2016   /   0 Comments

As you already know, Rose will be at the OZ Comic-Con in Melbourne this coming weekend. We already reported she will attend the event with her iZombie co-star David Anders, but we now have some exciting news for our fellow Power Rangers R.P.M fans – Dan Ewing (Dillon/Ranger Black) will be there as well, and he and Rose will do some Power Rangers photo sessions! We miss our Summer & Dillon, so we can’t wait to see the photos…

To view Rose’s full schedule, click the “Continue Reading” button below. Full coverage will as always be up on the site this weekend, so stay tuned for photos, videos, news and  more!

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Sara   /   May 23,2016   /   0 Comments

This is actually old news, almost a year old now. But somehow we missed it! Back in 2014, Rose did a photoshoot for the NO H8 Campaign, which we have a headshot from. Last year the campaign did their own “Power Rangers” one, collecting together the photoshoots of more than 50 previous Rangers! How cool is that? Rose can be spotted to the left of the photo, and here we get a full body shot of her. And as the yellow ranger, what’s more fitting that sporting some yellow pants?

For those who’re not familiar with the campaign, NOH8 is a charitable organization whose mission is to promote marriage, gender and human equality through education, advocacy, social media, and visual protest. You can find their official website here.

Over 50 former and current Power Rangers from the past 22 years unite for ‪#‎NOH8‬ to support equality worldwide! Can you spot the Rangers you grew up with?

Sara   /   May 06,2016   /   0 Comments

More screen captures from “Power Rangers R.P.M” have been added to our gallery! Now up are episode 22 “The Dome Dolls”, 23 “And…Action” and 24 “Ancient History”. The 23rd episode is a special one, as it differs from the regular format, and shows us behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast about stunts and effects (though all the actors remain in their characters for these interviews) and my favorite part – bloopers! I enjoyed this episode so much that I have added the whole episode to our video archive so you can all watch it. It’s an episode you can watch without having seen the previous 22 , so if you want to learn more about the show you should definitely check it out. Enjoy!

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Sara   /   May 04,2016   /   0 Comments

We continue to work on the Power Rangers R.P.M category in our gallery, and have now added screen captures from the episodes 19-21 – Belly of the Beast, Three’s a Crowd, Heroes Among Us and Not so Simple. Check them out in our gallery! More Power Rangers screen captures will be added later tonight/this week, stay tuned.

Sara   /   Apr 25,2016   /   0 Comments

Hello friends! We continue to work on our film and TV sections, and today we have added screen captures from episodes 14 to 17 of Power Rangers R.P.M. An information page, episode guide and of course screen captures from the remaining episodes are coming up soon! We will also add a couple of episode clips to our video archive.

Links and previews from the episodes below – we hope you’ll like the photos!

Sara   /   Dec 01,2015   /   0 Comments

Eric Goldman for ING recently did a short interview with Rose during a visit at the iZombie set, which you can now read below. For the trivia interested, the couple she is talking about in the interview is Olivia Tennet and Milo Cawthorne, both good friends of her, as well as “Power Rangers R.P.M” co-stars. She actually attended their wedding a few years ago, and a photo can be found here! All three of them also starred in “Maddigan’s Quest” back in 2006…

These days she’s eating brains on the CW’s highly entertaining iZombie, but before her role on that series, and shows like Once Upon a Time and Masters of Sex, Rose McIver was fighting bad guys as the Yellow Ranger on Power Rangers RPM.

On a recent visit to the set of iZombie, I briefly asked McIver if she had any advice for the cast of the upcoming Power Rangers movie and spoke to her about the notably successful cast of RPM, which also starred Eka Darville (Jessica Jones) and Adelaide Kane (Reign).

IGN: They are making this new Power Rangers movie, which is getting a lot of attention. Do you have any advice to these new Power Rangers, having been a Ranger yourself?

McIver: Oh my goodness, that was probably one of the funnest eight months stints of my life. We just laughed our heads off; we had so much fun. I think, make sure you enjoy it. Don’t take yourselves too seriously. You’re fighting monsters in rubber suits. But it’s a blast! It’s so cool and it’s so cool to be a part of something that as a child my peers watched and I look now and there are children watching it still. It sort of transcends one particular generation and that’s so fun to be part of, so enjoy every minute.

IGN: I spoke to Eka Darville recently about Jessica Jones and you’ve got Adelaide [Kane] on Reign. Your cast seems to be doing very well! What was the alchemy on that?

Rose McIver: We all just felt like such a good group of friends. I actually saw recently that Eka had gone on a road trip with Ari Boyland, who played the Blue Ranger. They are still great friends. I think there’s been a lot of personal and professional crossover. A couple of them got married! Two of my very dear friends got married from that show so it was a very special kind of time in everybody’s lives. [Proceed to full article + a funny Power Rangers video]

Sara   /   Oct 16,2015   /   0 Comments