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Welcome to Rose McIver Online, an exclusive and in-depth fansite for the talented actress Rose McIver. Serving fans since 2009, we are the longest running and most extensive fansite dedicated to Rose.

Rose is known for her roles in projects such as "Once Upon a Time", "Maddigan's Quest" and "Power Rangers R.P.M", and can currently be seen in the CW television show "iZombie" as the lead character Olivia 'Liv' Moore.

We aim to bring you all the latest news and images relating to Rose's acting career, and strive to remain 100% gossip-and-paparazzi-free. - Sara, Neide & Emily
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Sara   /   Apr 21,2016   /   0 Comments

We have continued working on our career pages today, and finally completed the pages for all of Rose’s feature films! The new pages are Predicament, The Lovely Bones, Ozzie, Toy Love, Topless Women Talk About Their Lives and The Piano. You can now find detailed information on all the films, including a synopsis, trivia, quotes, promotion information, filming information, links to related press and media pages and much more. We have spent a lot of time gathering all this information, and we hope you’ll have fun reading about Rose’s work. Up next is the television movies she has done, and the remaining short films. Her full filmography can be found here.

After finishing our film pages, we continued working on our iZombie page. This page is a big work-in-progress; we want to have a very detailed and comprehensive archive on the show before the third season starts. Since it’s possibly Rose’s biggest project to date, we want to put a lot of focus on it! We’ve added new information to the main page, added a season two episode guide and started some “Olivia Moore” character pages (so far- biography and trivia, power and abilities, relationships. Coming up are style and look pages). We’ll soon start to create individual pages for every episode, with facts, filming information, trivia, goofs, soundtrack information and much more.

We’ll continue to work on the site content over the next few days, so feel free to come with requests if there’s something you would like to see! We have received a lot of questions about a press archive with interviews, so this is something we will definitely begin working on. Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow.

Sara   /   Apr 17,2016   /   0 Comments

Hello Rose fans! Yesterday and today were mostly spent just working on random parts of our website, so here’s a little catch up post on what we’ve been doing. We have began working on the filmography section of our site, with “Brightest Star” and “Blinder” being the first two pages added. Here you’ll find information and trivia on the projects, links to related media and press stuff and more. We’ll continue to work on the pages the next coming weeks, hopefully completing one or two films per day. Tomorrow I’ll also continue working on our iZombie page.

As we wrote on our twitter page a few days back, we’ve moved our video archive back to our main page. You can now access it here (it also has a new look, which we think is easier to navigate), and there’s been quite a few new videos added! Check out all the latest additions in the “recent posts” at the left.

Our gallery has been caught up with screen captures of all latest interviews, panels and other videos which we have posted lately, so make sure you take a look at the latest added albums. We have also changed around on our Movie Productions category, and we hope you’ll like the new set up!

We assume Rose will take a couple of days/weeks off to relax now that the second season of iZombie is both completed and done airing, so we’ll take this opportunity to work hard on our site content! If there is anything you would like to see us add or work on, feel free to send us an email. That’s all for today!

Sara   /   Mar 21,2016   /   0 Comments

Regular visitors will probably remember that we lost all our work last year, after a big screw up by us which had our whole site and back ups deleted. This caused us to lose our big style section which we had spent over a year working on, and I know it’s a section many have been missing. Well good news! Today we have finally started rebuilding it. We decided to make it a part of the main site this time, but it might get re-launched as it’s own little style site later on. It’s nowhere near complete or as big as our old one yet, but we’ll work on it regularly!

So far we have 4 pages up. Outfit rundown: a page where you can take a look at all the outfits Rose has worn at public events, as well as learn which designers and labels she is wearing. Style quotes: here you can read what Rose has to say about beauty, fashion and more. Styling team: learn about the people who style Rose for her red carpet events! And lastly, favorite products: find out which products Rose swears to, and find out where you can purchase them yourself. You can also check out everything we plan to add to the section at the main style page here.

We hope you like this new addition to our site! There will be many more content updates this week, as our pages is in the need of a major overhaul. Stay tuned!

Sara   /   Dec 25,2015   /   0 Comments

Merry Christmas everyone! The staff of Rose McIver Online hope you’ll all have a wonderful Christmas, and a happy holiday. Rose is celebrating back home in New Zealand with her loved ones, taking a well deserved break from filming iZombie season two… We’ll soon post some information and photos on her time back in NZ.


Sara   /   Dec 01,2015   /   0 Comments

Hello friends! I hope you’re all as excited about the new calendar as we are about finally sharing it… For the first day of our advent calendar, we’ve added a bunch of 300×300 Christmas-styled avatars for you of Rose, which can be used on twitter, tumblr, forums or whatever else place you want to get into the Christmas spirit. Enjoy!

xmas05 xmas07xmas04

Make sure you check back tomorrow for a new gift – and the next day, and the one after that, and … Well you get the picture 😉 We have a lot of fun stuff lined up for you! Stay tuned… xo, Christmas hugs from Ann

Sara   /   Nov 30,2015   /   0 Comments

It’s officially December tomorrow, and we want to count down the days until Christmas with you all here at Rose McIver Online! To do so, we’ve created our own Rose McIver advent calendar just like we did back in 2012, which will contain one little gift for you fans every single day up until Christmas day. 24 days – 24 gifts, either Christmas related graphics, exclusive photos, other media or whatever else we might come up with. For Christmas day, December 25, there will be some special updates here at the main website (which is why it hasn’t been included in the calendar).

We hope you’ll enjoy this year’s calendar! Each day a new page will open, so make sure you check back every day for your daily dose of Rose treats. NB!: The calendar comes with music and falling snow, so make sure you turn off the sound if you don’t want it. You can sneak peak at the actual calendar today (click photo below), but now pages have been opened yet… Check back tomorrow for the first gift!


Follow us on twitter or check back here at the main page for direct link to the new calendar gift every day leading up to Christmas day … And feel free to come with suggestions for gifts to include in it!

Sara   /   Nov 18,2015   /   0 Comments

Hello Rose fans! I’m pleased to inform you that we and Stephanie from Rose McIver Source have joined forces to create your #1 Rose McIver forum online! We have already become quite a huge fanbase who talk together on twitter, and thought it would be even more fun with an actual forum; we hope this new forum will eventually be both big and active. Make sure you head over and join! It’s 100% free, it’s easy and we promise you a lot of fun! It’ll keep on getting better once we gather more and more members.


There, you can discuss ANYTHING regarding Rose, her events, her photoshoots, review her various outfits, exchange around ‘IZOMBIE‘, ‘ONCE UPON A TIME‘, ‘POWER RANGERS RPM‘ and more. You can also participate in various games and share your fanarts. Credit to Stephanie for putting it all together – doesn’t it look amazing?

Sara   /   Nov 11,2015   /   0 Comments

Hi all, Sara & Ann here … As you may have noticed, we’ve been slacking on the updates front as of late. Julie is still out traveling, and barely have time to be on the computer at all (but she helped us out big time with the last two episodes of iZombie caps, so thank you to her for that <3)… We are both busy with exams and real life struggles, common this time of the year. Please stay with us! We’ll make up for it, as we always try to do.

Our plan this year, is to bring you DAILY updates from December 1st to Christmas eve (oh yes, you heard us – DAILY updates). We’ll have our own little Rose advent calendar, with a new “gift” for you on every day. These gifts will be everything from photos and media, to information about Rose or other fun stuff we might come up with. We can’t wait!! Start looking forward to it right away, and feel free to come with request for gifts the calendar should include 😉 More information will come once we get a little closer… Stay tuned!

Sara   /   Oct 10,2015   /   0 Comments

The day is finally here, and we here at Rose McIver Online wants to wish her a Happy, HAPPY birthday!! We’ve been celebrating here at the site for over a week now (make sure you browse through our last 2-3 pages in the news archive to see all the updates), and continue today… For the special occasion, we’ve created our own birthday video for Rose; a video showcasing some of her career moments from 1994 to 2015. As well as some of our favorite Rose clips! It’s 15 minutes long, and packed with great Rose clips. We hope you enjoy it – and we would appreciate all help trying to share this with Rose on twitter! We’d love it if it got to her, so she could see how much we adore her. Have fun watching!

[hana-flv-player video=””
autoload=”true” autoplay=”false”
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Sara   /   Oct 09,2015   /   0 Comments

It’s October 10 (at least where we live), meaning: IT’S ROSE’S BIRTHDAY!!! Our girl turns 27 years old today, and to celebrate we’ve put up a new look here at Rose McIver Online. The gorgeous header is designed by the talented Nicole from NWL09 Designs, and we hope you’ll love it as much as we do. We’ve been in love with it since we saw it for the first time, and we are so excited to finally share it with you… The sidebar and coding are still being tweaked (Julie will re do the images once she gets back from vacation), and we’ll update the sidebar regularly to add new features. We would love to hear your opinions on the new design!


Stay tuned here at Rose McIver Online tomorrow, as Sara and I have a lot planned… We are definitely not done celebrating just yet! We will also need everyone’s help tweeting Rose about our birthday project, as we really hope she’ll see all the beautiful messages fans have left for her (if you haven’t sent in yours yet, it’s still not too late – but make sure you hurry up and send it in ASAP).